Shinjiru is one of the largest web hosting provider in Asia. For the past 14 years in web hosting services, we have deliver over 1,500 servers and 500 Virtual Private Server(VPS) last year. That is one server every 6 hours every day. With the wide variety of products, join our affiliate program & let our sales become your commission.

Earn great commission
Commission starts from 50% all the way to 100%!.Our payout to Affiliates last year is over RM100,000.00. The amount keeps going up proving that this program really works.

Simplest system to earn money
Just register with us, link to our website and starts earning commission when sales is generated. No tier level. No commitment. Simple system to earn easy money.

Constant innovations
Shinjiru constantly introduces new products and services. This is to ensure that our affiliate members will never run out of new things to sell. This translate to more choices which more chances to make more money.

Strong brand name
Shinjiru has been around for over 14 years with a strong brand name and market presence. Introduce Shinjiru to your visitors will surely gain approval from them.

Good and reliable web hosting
Our web hosting services are the best in the market. Highly reliable, fast and with the latest cutting edge technology. This means people will not regret choosing Shinjiru for their hosting needs.

Affiliate support
Any questions on your way of earning commissions? Write in to to seek for support.

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Jamie, Affiliate member since 2007
I have made a few hundred ringgit so far using your affiliate program. It was so simple & easy. I love your hosting service and now recommending you my friends and get paid!
Ahmad Rashidi,
I can now be in peace knowing that i can get some extra cash through my site. Minimum commission still can cover my VPS with Shinjiru! This is truly a great program!
Zephyr, Blogger
Within 2 weeks durations, i already got RM290.00! Just love your Affiliate Program!
Ryan Lee,
One word to your affiliate program. Thank you!!


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