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Understanding VPN: Everything You Need to Know

July 15, 2022 in Latest News, Shinjiru All, Shinjiru Tip Sharing by Nadhira ZA

Did you know people in certain countries are not allowed to access any foreign apps? But how is it possible that we still see them updating their social media accounts and keeping up with current updates?

In order to securely access prohibited websites and mobile applications like Facebook, Gmail, Google, YouTube, WhatsApp, western news media, and even Netflix, both expats and local citizens use VPN services to get around internet restrictions.

What is a VPN?

Virtual private network, or VPN, is a service that helps in maintaining your online privacy. A VPN creates a private tunnel for your data and conversations while you utilise public networks, establishing a secure, encrypted connection between your computer and the internet.

Your Internet Protocol (IP) address is hidden when you use a VPN service. Since no one can connect your data to your IP address, this enables you to access the internet anonymously.

Nowadays, it is possible to access the Internet for free due to Malaysia’s developed way of life. Indeed, seeking out any information is a good thing for the general population, especially travellers. However, since free WiFi is so susceptible to hackers, it is advisable to utilise a VPN before using it.

A VPN is also necessary if you want to escape the free advertisements that frequently appear each time you visit a website or if you want to access geo-blocked websites and content.

How Does It Work?

You already know what a VPN is. Let’s see how it functions:

#1 Hide online activity

Your ISP and search engines keep track of the internet searches you make in order to show you tailored adverts, provide a customised experience, and sell your data. Search engines can’t target you since the information is linked to the VPN rather than you because VPNs allow you to browse through a different IP address.

But, bear in mind, they can still track you if you’re logged into platforms like Google, Facebook or Twitter.

#2 Stop tracking and malware

Numerous fraudsters take advantage of weak public WiFi networks to spread malware and trackers like keyloggers onto people’s laptops that record everything you type, including passwords. Cybercriminals specifically intercept communications passing through public servers and utilise this information to identify future victims.

#3 Encrypt your data

Any data you transfer while using a VPN service is encrypted. You may prevent governments and business spies from accessing any critical information or data you need to communicate by encrypting it.

What are the benefits of using VPN?

Let’s go over how a VPN can make your online activity safer:

#1 Protection from identity theft

The number of reported cases increased more than double from 2019 to 2020, according to the FTC’s Consumer Sentinel Network (CSN) report. 

Crime rates are getting worse day by day. Getting a VPN is actually necessary to protect you against any cybercriminals as well as securing your banking and identifying data.

#2 Get access to geo-restricted content

Some countries put a limit on certain content for the public’s eyes. Take Netflix for example, you’ll notice there are different available movies and shows depending on each country. 

You can access content that would otherwise be geo-restricted since a VPN enables you to access the internet from a server located outside of your native country.

#3 Protection from attacks

Thanks to VPN, gamers and streamers now can play games without any Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attack. No one can target you if they don’t know your real IP address. 

Where to get a VPN?

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