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What Are The types of VPS & Why Your Business Needs It

June 16, 2022 in Latest News, Shinjiru All, Shinjiru Tip Sharing by Mohd Naqiuddin
Types of VPS. Why Your Business Needs VPS.

Almost everyone knows a server’s importance to the business world. A server is a powerful or a high-spec computer or high-spec computer that keeps all information and files that consist of your website. Technological advancement has made things easier for businesses since a server can now have 2-in-1 features, including a combination of dedicated and shared hosting. A virtual private server (VPS) is a server that combines physical and virtual elements. You get a virtual server that relies on only one physical server and, simultaneously, get your virtual compartment without requiring the need to share with others (hosting company’s other clients). As one of the well-known VPS hosting companies in Malaysia, we will provide insight into the types of VPS and why VPS can benefit your business.

Types of Shinjiru VPS

VPS plans do vary when it comes to Linux and Windows versions. Shinjiru currently offers VPS hosting plans such as Forex VPS, Linux (KVM & OpenVZ), and Windows KVM. Both Linux and Windows versions come with optional Advance VPS plans, which offer even more vCPUs for high-performance computing. For those who are unclear about KVM and OpenVZ, here is a run-through of these two types of plans. OpenVZ is only obliged to Linux operating systems while KVM is adaptable as in you can use multiple operating systems such as the Linux itself and Windows.

The Linux version comes with the latest 5.1 version, with whole SSD storage and up-to-date CPU specs. For small businesses and startups, you can try our barebone SSD VPS Malaysia plans starting from RM16.74 per month. We also offer an Advance VPS plan which begins from RM215.94 per month. The plan comes with 10 cVPUs and 10 GB of memory, which are strong enough to run in a high-performance mode (EG: Website with significant traffic). Alternatively, you can try our other plan that includes additional WHM and cPanel. The price starts from RM116.72 per month. 

If you opt for the Windows VPS version, our Barebone Windows KVM plan starts from as low as RM29.94 per month. For better performance, our Windows Advanced VPS Plans start from 10vCPUs and 10Gb memory. The price is as low as RM311.94 per month. If you want a control panel, we include it together with our VPS plans. We have two options for that. Standard SSD KVM starts from RM67.13 per month, while the advance plan starts from RM389.13 per month. Get up to 40% of all our KVM VPS packages, including Windows and Linux. Limited time only. Lasted only for June!

Are you into Forex? Have issues such as high latency or lagging? We have a solution for that. Our SSD Forex VPS servers are dedicated only to Forex trading. That means there will be no sharing with other applications such as rich media and websites. Our SSD Forex VPS Plans (Malaysia & Bulgaria) start from RM32.45 per month. Grab our special June Deals, up to 50% off for the listed plans.

Why Does Your Business Need VPS?

Generally, there are other web hosting solutions that you can use out there, such as Shared Hosting, Dedicated Hosting, and Cloud hosting. Still, VPS is a better solution for web hosting because it comes with a combination of strengths that other web hosting types have. Most importantly, a Virtual private server has a lower cost to maintain than a physical type such as a dedicated server because we install a virtual layer on top of the server’s operating system (OS). 

It means that we don’t require another server to run your business. Hence it saves up costs. Also, you don’t have to share it with other companies, which is what the Shared hosting type lacks. So those two strengths of VPS are dedicated space and lower maintenance costs. 

Apart from that, you will get root access to your server, which other types of servers don’t usually offer. Lastly, your business gains better privacy since you have dedicated space for storing files and databases, and it is scalable since everything is done virtually. To sum up, we always advise companies, especially those on a tight budget, to proceed with the virtual private server (VPS) to get their business up and running without issues like privacy and resource scalability. 

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