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What Linux VPS Hosting Offers Beyond

January 29, 2023 in Latest News, Shinjiru All, Shinjiru Tip Sharing by Nadhira ZA

When people mention web hosting, we often think it is solely for websites. Indeed, but with Linux VPS hosting, there’s actually more to it. Email and file sharing can both be done with it. It frequently refers to hosting services for resellers that have a user control panel. To simply put, you might find yourself using a VPS for something other than website hosting.

In today’s writing, we’re going to discover how we can use Linux VPS hosting in more productive ways.

#1 Collaborative Document Editing

Today, there are a variety of online note-taking applications accessible, some of which also function as team-based office suites for editing documents and spreadsheets. You could have previously used Microsoft Office 365 or Google Workspace to complete a group project. What if we told you that, while working with others, you can truly set up your own private real-time collaborative editor?

A cloud office tool for anonymously authoring documents, presentations, spreadsheets, surveys, project management kanbans, and even whiteboards is called by XWiki SAS. Not just that, you can manually install CryptPad on your server or use Docker to do it too. Another way is that you can use Etherpad for documents and EtherCalc for spreadsheets. On GitHub, installation options are offered for both. Additionally, the Ownpad app allows Nextcloud customers to combine the two apps in the dashboard.

#2 Video Teleconferences (VTC)

Although many businesses use Zoom for video conferencing, you might not want to overlook Jitsi due to its enhanced security. To see a demonstration of capabilities including screen sharing, recording to Dropbox, and an embedded Etherpad document, go to

These voice over internet protocol (VoIP) services are more secure but still susceptible to cyberattacks when a subject is too sensitive for email communication. Hosting your own teleconference web application is one of the greatest solutions to mitigate those problems. It will help in:

  • Control over network bandwidth and uptime
  • Protection from unauthorised visitors
  • Security that satisfies your needs
  • Options for customising your teleconference needs

#3 Project Management

Project management (PM) approaches and tools are used by organisations to more effectively track task progress, deadlines, assignees, and statuses. Work Breakdown Structures (WBS) and Gannt charts, which are frequently used with the waterfall technique but are also appropriate for agile work, are terms that Project Management Professionals (PMP) with certification will be familiar with. However, correctly using and following Gannt charts can take some time.

The kanban board structure has grown in popularity for agile project management as a means of displaying task progress inside teams and projects. Kanbans prioritise the stage of activities in a way that’s perfect for flexible teams and even busy entrepreneurs juggling legal, branding, and cybersecurity projects. Instead of horizontal bars focused on the duration of tasks and subtasks.

There’s always more to something

Now that you’ve learned the other advantages of Linux VPS hosting, you might want to consider installing one. Well, that’s why we’re here to help!

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