1. What is the requirement to use your exchange hosting?

An internet connection to any devices with email software plus your own domain name. You can also use webmail to check your mails.

2. Do you provide assistance in migration from our current email solution?

Yes, we do. We offer various tools and assistance to make migration to us smooth and easy for you. Please give us a call or email to us and we will have one of our Exchange migration experts to help you.

3. What is the attachment size limit?

For our shared Exchange Hosting customers, the maximum size of any email, inclusive of all attachments, is 20MB. For dedicated Exchange customer, the email size can be up to 100 MB.

4. What kind of customer support do you offer?

We provide 24/7 live chat, ticketing system and phone support to all our customers.

5. How do you prevent data loss?

Our Exchange Hosting runs in server clustering environment with each servers having its own triple backups.

6. How can i be sure that my data is secure and safe with you?

Our servers are hosted in a Tier-4 data center with biometric security and multiple layers of hardened physical security.

7. What collaboration solutions do you offer?

We offer Windows SharePoint Services that enable enable SharePoint directly from your Exchange Hosting Control Panel.

8. Can i use my mobile pda to connect to my exchange hosting?

Absolutely. With our Exchange Hosting, you can actually not only send/receive emails but synchronize all your contacts, calenders, notes and shares files.

9. Does your exchange hosting comes with anti-virus and anti-spam features?

Yes. The default ant-virus and anti-spam engine is available. Most customers prefer to upgrade to our premium anti-virus and anti-spam engine to block all spam emails and increase your productivity.

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1. Which web browsers are supported?

In general, 3 major browsers are completely supported - Internet Explorer (Version 9,10 and 11), Firefox (Version 27 and 28), Google Chrome (version 23 and 24).

2. How long will my account will be locked due to invalid login?

There is a maximum of 3 attempts for invalid logins. After 3rd invalid attempt, your account will be locked for 30 minutes before you can login again with the correct credentials.

3. Can i export my reports?

Yes, you can export each report as a CSV file for further analysis in external applications.

4. What if my mailblast credit is expired?

In order to renew your MailBlast subscription upon expiration you simply need to top up any amount of MailBlasting Credits (none of these credits will be deducted for renewal). Your subscription will be automatically renewed for another 12 months, rest assured that upon a credit top up, your remaining credits will not be removed and the recently purchased credits will be added on.

5. Can i attach images to my emails?

Yes, you can attach the images by clicking on “Upload” icon while composing the email.

Screenshots of Business class email


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