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dynamic website personalization

Dynamic Website Personalisation

Though it sounds a little complex, the concept behind DWP is fairly straightforward: it’s all about creating a website experience that directly relates to a visitor’s unique situation.

This is accomplished by changing the messaging and content of a site based on things like time of day, number of previous visits to the site, visitor’s physical location and more.

11% Increase In Mobile Traffic

11% Increase In Mobile Traffic

On average, we found that websites that were mobile-friendly saw an and lower-traffic sites saw an even bigger increase

Create mobile website previews, including ones that show a side-by-side comparison of customers’ current and new mobile websites, featuring your branding.

High Google Speed Score Test

High Google Speed Score Test

Our Web Builder has optimised websites published on the platform that is geared to score highly on the Google PageSpeed test. This test looks at many technical factors of how web pages are built, and checks to see that they fit the best industry practices that enable websites to load quickly.

The most important check in the Google PageSpeed test examines how the website code is structured. Google checks to make sure that the code is structured in a way that allows the browser to load the content fastest.

Website Templates

With over 354 templates and more being created every month by a professional team of designers. A beautiful and fully responsive website is just a few clicks away. With templates to suit every industry, you can create a website and have it online within a few hours!

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