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Business Email Hosting Solution
with Shinjiru Dynamail

Dynamail is Shinjiru Premium Email Hosting Solution which is designed to address all kinds of email Issues such as sending and receiving emails, IP blacklist, email server failure, email lost or delay. Dynamail email hosting is a business class email solution, designed for any business which email communication is a vital role. With redundant mail and DNS servers, we maintain our guarantee of no email downtime and the highest server reliability. Do not trust those "fake" Business Email Hosting out there that claimed to separate website and email to different servers for better performance. Bottomline is that they do not have redundancy. If that single email server goes down, your emails will go down. Now Shinjiru has released Dynamail Version 3.0 on the cloud. High availability, full redundancy and scalability. That's Business Class Email Hosting. Give Dynamail a try now and get your peace of mind!

Business Email Hosting Plans

Get Your Secure Email Account

No Email Downtime

With two redundant mail and DNS servers, we maintain our guarantee of no email downtime and the highest server reliability!

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NO IP Blacklisting

Dynamail Email Hosting is equipped with a technology to prevent your Email from IP Blacklisting by regulating outgoing Emails and will cut the time spent with delisting to a minimum.
Captor™ technology (capture all)

Captor™ Technology

Dynamail is equipped with CAPTOR™ Technology. Once activated, it will capture all incoming and outgoing emails from all email accounts into one single mailbox.
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No Down Time

99.9% uptime guarantee with enterprise hardware and redundant network ensure no down time. If we don’t achieve this uptime, we will credit you with no questions asked.
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Outlook Synchronisation

You can now synchronise your Outlook Address Books, Outlook Calendars and Outlook Tasks with your Dynamail Webmail interface. Keep all your data in-sync with DynaMail!
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Disaster Recovery (dr)

Our email servers are located in multiple locations which means that your email will not be affected if one of the servers has network issues or downtime. Enjoy uninterrupted email service with Dynamail!
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AntiSpam & Anti-Virus

97% accuracy in email filtering to protect your email and network infrastructure from spams, phishing, malware and virus attack. Our anti-spam solution will ensure email delivery by enabling massage queueing feature if the server is down!
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Email SSL Certification

Email is meant to be private and secure. Protect your sensitive information in today's mobile workplace with a SSL Certificate. Shinjiru SSL on Dynamail email hosting means that your usernames, passwords, and email correspondence are kept private and secure.
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SmarterMail 16.x

Latest features such as secure email, file storage, group chat, team workspace with 100% web-based mail server, which allows administrators to manage their entire installation from a mobile/desktop browser.

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