Secure your emails from spam, virus, phishing and malware attacks. Our MailSentinel applies its proprietary self-learning smart technologies to eliminate spam mail before it reaches your network.MailSentinel is Shinjiru’s anti-spam solution in spam, malware detection and protection. Our MailSentinel engine applies continuous improvements in secure data collection and analysis, instantly detecting new patterns and identifying spam. This accumulated intelligence is shared real-time with all our clients worldwide, assuring timely protection against new threats.

Incoming filter

Outgoing filter

Email archive



RM 19 / mo. / domain

95% Filtering Accuracy
Outgoing Email Filter
Incoming Email Filter
Management Portal
Only for Shared Hosting


RM 1 / mo. / mailbox

95% Filtering Accuracy
Outgoing Email Filter
Incoming Email Filter
Management Portal
Only for Mailservers
Fully Managed Enterprise Solution


RM 29 / mo.

10GB Email Archive
Hosted in the Cloud
Encryped Data Protection
Compatible SMTP Mail Server
Search and Retrieve Function
Easy Integration with Control Panels
eDiscovery Compliant
Management Portal


Filter quality and efficiency

Our anti-spam solution with unmatched spam intelligence is a direct result from assessing millions of emails every second of the day. Our incoming email filters have an industry leading rate of nearly 100% filtering accuracy with close to 0 false positives.

Quarantine & reporting

We offer a comprehensive log-search tool with advanced quarantine options to check the status of any email which has passed through our systems.


Avoid ip blacklisting

The implementation of our anti-spam solution Outgoing Filter will help you remove network weaknesses and will ensure your IP is never blacklisted. SpamBlock is one of the most effective engines in the market for preventing IP blacklisting.

Protect your brand and infrastructure

Our anti-spam solution makes sure you are part of the email security solution rather than part of the problem, ensuring integrity and positive client reputation.


Back up and easily access company data

Since email is now the main means of communication, it must be protected yet be easily retrievable. Through archiving, email is never lost!

Reach legal compliance

Email must be legally treated the same as postal communication. Lack of email archiving can result in legal trouble, severe fines and loss in court cases, not to mention, a damaged reputation. Hence, email archiving is a requirement now and in the future if you want to avoid legislative problems.