Microsoft Cloud OS understands your business needs and offers an incredible custom solution. Take advantage of Cloud OS and increase the efficiency of your business. Stand up against any business challenges, grow and adapt as your needs grow, be open to multiple technologies and expand your IT infrastructure at your own pace. Our Microsoft Cloud OS offers Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) and it is beyond just virtualization. It is a platform for future growth!

High Availability

Microsoft Cloud OS

Built with Dell

Instant Resource Deployment

No Data Loss

Public Cloud in Malaysia



1 Core

1GB Memory

20GB SSD (Tiered)

100GB Data Transfer


2 Core

2GB Memory

60GB SSD (Tiered)

200GB Data Transfer


2 Core

4GB Memory

120GB SSD (Tiered)

300GB Data Transfer


4 Core

8GB Memory

300GB SSD (Tiered)

400GB Data Transfer

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Additonal Cloud Resources


Monthly Fee (RM)

1 Core


1GB Memory


1GB SSD (Tiered)


1GB Data Transfer


Microsoft Data Protection Manager (DPM) External Backup


Monthly Fee (RM)

1GB Backup


Setup (one-time)


Operating Systems


Monthly Fee (RM)

Windows Server Standard 2016


Windows Server Standard 2012


Centos 7




Control Panel


Monthly Fee (RM)

Plesk Web Host (Unlimited Domains)


cPanel/WHM (Unlimited Domains)


Softaculous (For cPanel)




Monthly Fee (RM)

MS SQL Server Express Edition


MS SQL Server Web Edition (Core License)

40 / 2 core

MS SQL Server Standard Edition (Core License)

600 / 2 core

MS SQL Enterprise Edition (Core License)

2500 / 2 core



Security & Monitoring


Monthly Fee (RM)

Sophos Web Application Firewall

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Disaster Recovery Solutions

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Solarwinds Monitoring (CPU/RAM/HDD/NETWORK)

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The first Cloud OS partner provider in Malaysia

Shinjiru supported by Microsoft is now offering entire Microsoft Cloud OS. Our Microsoft Cloud OS infrastructure is built and certified by Microsoft Cloud Engineers. Even Microsoft says so! Click here to read the Microsoft article!

No more cross border data security risks

With our Microsoft Cloud OS finally available in Malaysia, data sovereignty is ensured with continuing compliance with Malaysian law and regulatory requirements!

Save money and be agile

Per-hour billing and built-in auto-scaling enables you to pay only for the infrastructure you really need and scale resources automatically depending on your actual usage!

Use what you already know

Start with the skills you already have and software you already know - Visual Studio, .NET, Window Server, Active Directory, SQL Server, SharePoint, and BizTalk work best with Microsoft Cloud OS and are all backed with end-to-end Microsoft Enterprise Support.

Best platform for Microsoft applications

Microsoft Cloud OS works seamlessly with your existing Microsoft Applications. Unlike Amazon Web Services, Microsoft provides end-to-end support from the infrastructure to your operating system to your applications. Whether it's SQL Server, SharePoint, Active Directory, or Visual Studio, you'll get the best in class support from Microsoft and Shinjiru.

Scale on demand, only pay for what you use

With Microsoft Cloud OS, you can spin up new Windows Server and Linux Virtual Machines in minutes and adjust your usage as your needs change. With our pay-as-you-go approach, you only pay for what you use with no penalties for changing your Virtual Machine configuration!

Extend your environment

With Microsoft Cloud OS Virtual Machines, you can deploy your own customized Windows Server or Linux images into a multi-zone, commercially backed SLA production environment in minutes or get started with a pre-configured image from our gallery. With Microsoft Cloud OS and our Virtual Network technology, the cloud is a seamless extension of your datacenter taking full advantage of the Microsoft System Center, Active Directory and Visual Studio.

Deploy on-premises or in the cloud

Use Microsoft Cloud OS to develop and test your application faster at a reduced cost and then choose where to deploy them. You can go into production on the Microsoft Cloud OS or export your Virtual Machine and go live on-premise. The choice is yours!


Available in eight regions worldwide, Microsoft Cloud OS Storage provides secure and reliable storage for your needs. Built with durability in mind, geo-replication provides redundancy of your data across regions to ensure access to your data is possible in the event of a local disaster.


Microsoft Cloud OS Storage scales with you — so bring your data, big and small. With the global availability of Microsoft Cloud OS, you can choose where to keep your data and scale up or down across data centers.


Microsoft Cloud OS provides cost-effective storage solutions across the globe. Pay only for what you use at a cost that is lower than many local, SAN or NAS storage solutions on-premises.

No data loss

You have an option of backing up your data periodically into our cloud vault. This cloud vault is set to backup your data securely and only approved personnels are permitted to access. Cloud vault is used by many companies to ensure that a secured backup of data is available. This backed up data can't even be deleted by their own system administrators! The issue of internal sabotage is eliminated therefore ensuring your data is always safe and available at all times.

99.999% uptime

Our cloud offers reliable, enterprise grade infrastructure to securely host web sites with high availability by default. With auto-failover hardwares, you are assured that your mission critical websites and applications are online all the time. You have option of keeping the infrastructure up to date by automatically patching your web server and operating system.

Run your website on our cloud with a guaranteed SLA and 24/7 Support options and you won't be disappointed!

World wide web scalability

Microsoft Cloud OS is built on a rock-solid foundation that powers some of the largest businesses in the world with incredible stability and industry-leading support. You can scale-up or scale-down in seconds or scale automatically with zero code changes and effort, and pay only for what you use hence, you will not face downtime due to insufficient resources. Any unexpected traffic surges can be handled easily by scaling up the resources. Too easy!

Linux, Windows with/without control panel

Our cloud can be deployed in Linux or Windows platform. Various website control panel such as cPanel, PLESK, Website Panel and many more can be configured and installed. This means that our cloud is compatible with all existing platforms and software that is needed to manage your website efficiently! Database and email systems can be integrated as well provding you with everything you need!

Disaster recovery

Disaster planning plays an important role for businesses in ensuring they can still operate after an earthquake, a blackout, or any other disruption. Failing to prepare can mean millions of dollars lost coupled with major headaches when trying to recover. Subscribe to our disaster recovery services to have a second cloud in another location to ensure 100% business continuity. Shinjiru offers not only a cloud disaster recovery but a complete disaster recovery suite with hot, warm and cold seats. Be at ease by subscribing to Disaster Recovery!

Develop and test applications faster

Rapidly self-provision as many Virtual Machines as you need for your application development and testing in the cloud without waiting for hardware, procurement or internal processes. Connect globally to your on-premises network with Microsoft Cloud OS Virtual Network and confidently scale up, scale down, and generate load to deliver applications faster.

Access the latest development tools in minutes

Visual Studio 2013 is the best IDE for cloud development and test – and enables powerful scenarios including running Visual Studio in the cloud plus the ability to manage cloud resources from Visual Studio. Users can use pre-configured Visual Studio 2013 Microsoft Cloud OS Virtual Machine images to get up and running in a flash.

Reduce cost with access to Microsoft Cloud os through SPLA

Activate your SPLA subscription and enjoy the pay per use license model through the Microsoft Cloud OS and enjoy software such as MS SQL Server, MS Project, MS Visual Studio and more.

Wait, there's more

Developers building on-premise applications or migrating on-premise applications to the cloud will immediately see the above benefits by using Microsoft Cloud OS Virtual Machines. In addition, Microsoft Cloud OS also provides several services that can be used to develop and test a variety of applications. Some of these services include Microsoft Cloud OS Web Sites, Mobile Services, Cloud Services, SQL Databases, and Microsoft Cloud OS Storage.


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Rico Ho, Webparts360.com
With Shinjiru's Microsoft Cloud OS, we don't have to worry about scalability, expansion or acquisition of new hardware. We can just scale it instantly.
Sam Wong, Vistasolution.com
With Microsoft Cloud OS Virtual Machine, we can instantly installed our applications and start selling. A proof of concept that might have taken few months to execute now takes 1 day.
HJ Foo, Ems-sas.com
The key benefit is you can get more value out of your on-premises investment. Moving to cloud with full redundancy with lower capex cost is simply great.
Quek, Prodigynet.com.my
The similarities between Microsoft Cloud OS and our own development environment (both in Windows) ensure full compatibility and make our decision easy.