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10 Reasons Why You Should Choose Microsoft Exchange

August 7, 2012 in Press Releases by Shinjiru

Microsoft Exchange

Microsoft Exchange is an application software which encompasses email, contact management, task manager, reminders, group tasking, etc. With the initial release in 1996 as MS Exchange 1.0, it has now become one of the most popular and widely used professional mailing server. The most recent stable release was MS Exchange 2010 with a variety of free and paid features and services. If you are a business professional of any scope or standing, you should be opting for Microsoft Exchange for a number of reasons, as follows.

1. Instant Access:

With Microsoft Exchange, your remotely access your email online and remain in touch with your office work everywhere. The hassle for employees to be present all the time in office to interact with you is also eliminated. Mobile access to all browsers and gadgets including tablets and smartphones is ensured so that you don’t miss out by any chance.

2. Security and Protection:

The best and unique feature of Microsoft Exchange is its virtually fool proof and advanced security. All the messages sent via MS Exchange are encrypted and minimize the risk of information leak. Extra security measures with antivirus and firewall can also be activated on payment. So you don’t need to worry about the safety of your emails in case of an outbreak.

3. Hosting Facilities:

Microsoft gives you the facility to host your Exchange server locally, on Microsoft’s own servers as well as from a number of other service providers, depending upon your needs and infrastructure.

4. Data Storage:

Your email messages can be stored for longer period of times with a hefty storage space in the form of storage groups attached to databases. Even permanently deleted items are stored in a separate section for later recovery.

5. Building a Network:

With Microsoft Exchange, you can easily build and manage a network of your employees with the ease of remote access as well. Managing their contact and account information is made very easy and simple. Distribution groups make it easy to send messages to the people of a particular niche.

6. Quick Sharing:

Any number of emails could be sent to the employees even with heavy attachments without running the risk of being caught out as spam. Innumerous mailing lists could be formed and the distribution groups could be moderated and monitored individually.

7. Web apps:

Microsoft Exchange provides contact lists and groups for communication. Calendar could be customized with any number of reminders, notes and printable calendar views and tasks could be set and assigned.

8. Spam filtering:

I have never met anyone who likes spam. Even spammers do not like it. Microsoft Exchange keeps spam out of your mail box very nicely. Intelligent message filters are active which learn from your actions.

9. Clustering:

The Exchange server enterprise edition supports multiple nodes. In Exchange 2010, Database availability groups (DAG) have been created which consist of mailbox servers. The databases of the servers on the same DAG can be copied to other databases.

10. Cloud Service:

To sum it all up, Microsoft Exchange is a cloud service so it provides the same experience to users logged in via PC, Mac, Tablets or Smartphones. It includes basic email support for SMTP, POP and IMAP. Though it becomes needless to say now that your business needs much more than these basic email systems to and vies for a better collaborative and comprehensive email system.

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