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Learn How Web Design Can Boost Your SEO

October 7, 2022 in Latest News, Shinjiru All, Shinjiru Tip Sharing by Nadhira ZA
Attractive Web Design for Better SEO. Focus on User Experience

Whenever someone says SEO, it’s always keywords, great content or backlinks that first comes to people’s mind. Little did everyone know, web design also plays a great role in optimising your site’s SEO.

Your site’s speed, appearance, usability, and accessibility on mobile devices are all impacted by web design. For SEO purposes, a good design is adaptable and simple to update, whereas a bad design may make content modifications challenging. Your ability to implement a successful SEO plan and your search engine rating are both impacted by these variables.

Understanding the connections between web design and SEO makes it simple to avoid mistakes that cause a slow start or an unexpected fall in website traffic.

Today, we’re going to learn three ways how a web design can impact SEO Malaysia:

1. Fast Website Boosts Search Engines

A fast-loading site is very much important for the user experience, as well as SEO.

When people visit a page, surely they only expect a smooth journey. According to data, 47% of users anticipate that a web page will load in two seconds or less. Your SEO will deteriorate if visitors leave your site because the pages load too slowly. Your bounce rate will rise, giving search engines a bad ranking indication.

Search engines have a tougher time crawling slow web pages. It’s possible that some of your material won’t be indexed if web crawlers run into slow pages. If it occurs frequently, your website can be marked as unreliable.

You should really prioritise customer experience. This shall be avoided to ensure your SEO credibility.

2. Attractive Site Has The Ability To Rank Higher

A website with a low bounce rate and material that encourages content exploration will be ranked higher. If a website isn’t designed nicely, it will definitely chase the users away. That implies a site that focuses more on looks than utility as well.

Readability is given top priority when SEO is the goal of web design. By doing this, it is ensured that images and white space are utilised effectively. All information is available through a simple menu, and it is all organised to make navigation simple.

An SEO-focused web design assures a low bounce rate by addressing the factors that affect how long visitors stay on your site, which enables you to continually rank highly in search results.

3. Convenient Site Ranks Higher

By ‘convenient’, we mean a site that is easy to navigate.

A user’s impression of your website is influenced by how simple it is to navigate. Users will leave a website if it lacks navigational aids like menus and internal page links or has a confusing layout. The website’s bounce rate increases and its standing in search results decreases each time that occurs.

Web design that is SEO-focused takes into account the material that users are most interested in and makes it simple to reach.

A site’s crawlability is enhanced by a consistent site structure, which has an even more direct effect on SEO. Every user-friendly website has a structure that enables web spiders to index its information. When the site has a crawlable structure, material is simpler to find and index, especially with a site map.

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