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A Closer Look at Acronis Protection Solution: Features and Capabilities

May 4, 2023 in Latest News, Shinjiru All, Shinjiru Tip Sharing by Nadhira ZA

In today’s digital age, cyber threats are becoming increasingly sophisticated and widespread, making it crucial for enterprises to have robust cybersecurity measures in place. This blog introduces Acronis Cyber Protect, an all-in-one solution that combines traditional backup and recovery with advanced cybersecurity capabilities to provide comprehensive protection for enterprise data and systems.

The blog highlights the key features of Acronis Cyber Protect and it also emphasises the importance of having a single, integrated solution that can protect against all types of cyber threats and simplify IT management.

Overall, this writing emphasises the importance of having a comprehensive cybersecurity solution that can protect against all types of cyber threats and ensure business continuity. It shows how Acronis Cyber Protect can help enterprises maximise their cybersecurity and data protection efforts, while also streamlining IT management and improving business outcomes.

What are the successful cybersecurity methods?

Since attacks can occur regardless of how well-prepared a company is, all businesses, large and small, should have cybersecurity policies in place.

A thorough and organised strategy that takes into account the specific needs and risks of the company is needed to develop a cybersecurity plan for continuous data protection that works.

In general, one should take the following actions:

#1 Assess the many cyber risks that the business is exposed to.

The first stage in creating a successful cybersecurity plan is doing an internal assessment of the cyber threats the firm is currently facing.

This includes threats from the inside as well as the outside, such ransomware, malware, and phishing schemes. Acronis protection combined with Acronis backup will assist guard against cyber threats.

#2 Establish the cybersecurity maturity level.

Assessing the cybersecurity maturity level comes next. To accomplish this, one should follow the NIST framework.

Acronis Protection has developed a NIST-based security evaluation form to aid in this effort. You can use this quiz, which has 50 questions, solutions, and tips, as a sort of cheat sheet.

In order to make the instrument easier to use, Acronis provides both a complete evaluation questionnaire and a complete assessment questionnaire with answers.

#3 Identify the points of weakness where hackers could gain access to sensitive company data.

Once the Acronis Protection analysis is complete, the security holes will be visible. In order to do this, one must evaluate the tools and strategies they currently use to protect their business from cyberattacks.

Use cybersecurity software that can stop and identify cyberattacks, help with response and recovery after attacks, and provide the necessary forensics to lessen potential threats in the future.

#4 Jot down the plan.

After management has given its approval, the strategy must be formalised with ongoing data protection, risk assessments, plans, regulations, and processes, including a list of who is responsible for what and when.

Every worker in the organisation needs to be on board with and understand the plan.

The strategy must include a response plan. Regardless of the security steps one takes to secure the systems and data with Acronis backup, the company will undoubtedly encounter an attack at some point in the future.

Due to this response and crisis management plan, the company will swiftly restart operations.

#5 Manage an IT team and staff training programme.

An important part of any effective cybersecurity plan is making sure that all workers receive continuing training on the various cyberthreats they can encounter so they are informed of what to do and what not to do.

To stay current with the numerous and sophisticated threats of today, cybersecurity experts will also need constant technical training.

How does Acronis protect you from any cyberattacks?

Data is not simply another resource; it is an integral part of daily operations. By implementing Acronis backup solutions, businesses are shielded from data loss, security breaches, operational failures, and the ensuing financial and reputational harm.

#1 Excellent cyber defence.

Basic cybersecurity and data backup methods are no longer sufficient to defend against the continuously expanding cyberthreats.

Acronis protection solutions incorporate cybersecurity, data backup, server backup, disaster recovery, and more to safeguard the integrity of the data and systems one relies on.

#2 Keep things simple.

To combat data theft and other cyberthreats, businesses frequently use a convoluted patchwork of protections, but this tactic is challenging to manage and leaves security gaps.

Acronis protection solutions defend whole workloads with greater efficiency and a tenth of the complexity thanks to resource liberation and the flexibility to concentrate on protection and enablement rather than juggling tools.

#3 Make deployment and management simpler.

Protect full workloads to reduce friction. It’s simple and painless to start using Acronis protection products.

With a single click, you can easily deploy a large number of computers and manage all Acronis backup processes, vulnerability assessments, and patching from a single interface.

#4 Protect data from any harm.

Unknown cyberthreats may be quickly identified and neutralised. By identifying the dangerous operations that malware depends on, Acronis’ AI-driven behavioural heuristic engine provides best-in-class protection.

Independent testing by leading companies like AV-TEST and Virus Bulletin revealed that Acronis Protection had a 100% detection rate with no false positives.

#5 Acronis protects the company from virtual threats.

Acronis Security combines best-in-class backup, cutting-edge anti-malware, and endpoint security management into a single solution that provides unrivalled security while increasing productivity and minimising your total cost of ownership (TCO).

The solution’s one agent, single management interface, and single licensing minimise the simplicity and risks associated with non-integrated solutions.

The dependability is raised and the time required to learn, install, and maintain solutions is decreased when Acronis backup and data security are integrated.


Now that you see the importance of having Acronis to shield your data from any cyberthreats, it’s time for you to subscribe to any Acronis package offered by a trusted company in Malaysia.

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