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Build Your Website in Malaysia With Shinjiru Web Design Plans NOW!

July 7, 2021 in Latest News, Shinjiru Tip Sharing, Website Builder by Gabriella Gadung
Build Your Website in Malaysia With Shinjiru Web design Plans Now!

Do you want to build your dream website? Are you unsure of which plan you should choose to build your website? Don’t worry, we have a solution for you! You can get your ideal website up and running in no time with our Web Design Malaysia Plans. 

Who Needs the Shinjiru Web Design Plan?

Anyone who wants to build a personal website, a business website or an e-commerce website in Malaysia should purchase our Web Design Malaysia Plan. Our plans are especially good for startups or anyone new to building a website because we can assist you in creating a stronger online presence with 23 years of experience in the industry. Website owners can also revamp their website with our WE-BUILD Plan if they are unhappy with their current website.

Why Shinjiru Web Design Plan?

Experienced Web Developers

Shinjiru offers an all-in-one website creation solution developed by our team of experienced web developers to provide custom-made solutions for clients to boost their online presence. Our web developers can design any type of Website that you want according to your branding. 

Free Domain Registration

You can get free domain registration for two years when you purchase our WE-BUILD Web Design Malaysia Plan. Your domain name is the first thing you need when building a website because it allows you to be found on the internet. Make sure that your domain name reflects your organisation and that you choose the right domain extension for your website. 

Free Web Hosting

Domain name, check. Web Hosting? Check for 2 years with 84X Faster Litespeed Technology. Yes, you’ll get free web hosting when you purchase our WE-BUILD Plan too. Crazy, right? Web Hosting is a MUST because it enables your website to be visible on the internet. Meaning that you cannot publish your website on the internet if you don’t have a web hosting plan. 

Free SSL Certificate

Every website owner should have an SSL certificate for their website, especially if you have a website that collects user information such as personal details and payment details. 

SSL Certificate provides a secure communication channel by encrypting and securing all the data that passes through your servers. It will validate your website’s identity and encrypt the information visitors receive or send to your site. Purchase our WE-BUILD Plan, and you’ll get a free SSL certificate for 2 years, leaving your website safe at all times while building trust online.

Free Training

Throughout our experience in the industry, we have worked with many types of customers from different kinds of backgrounds. We understand that not everyone knows how to manage their own website. Therefore, we will provide 2 hours of free training to our WE-BUILD Clients. We will give a thorough training so that managing your own website will be a piece of cake! 

Sounds Interesting? We have more! Our Website Design plans will make your website look amazing across all devices, Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) friendly, has Auto google indexing, and more! Grab our limited time offer and enjoy an awesome and professionally built web design with Shinjiru Website Design Malaysia.

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