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Data Sovereignty, Compliance Benefits: Shinjiru’s Microsoft Powered Hybrid Cloud

February 3, 2015 in Press Releases by Shinjiru

Photo – (From left) Jeffrey Khow, MD, Shinjiru; and Azizah Ali, GM, Small and Mid-market Solutions & Partners, Microsoft Malaysia.

Web hosting provider Shinjiru said it is first to deliver a hybrid cloud solution in Malaysia using platform & productivity solutions giant Microsoft’s Azure Cloud platform.

Shinjiru’s managing director Jeffrey Khow said among the benefits this new solution will help companies to ensure data sovereignty with continued compliance with Malaysia law and regulatory requirements.

Khow said cloud hosting has for some time been touted by many vendors, and now Malaysian hosting provider Shinjiru has become the first to offer a powerful hybrid cloud solution based on Microsoft’s Cloud platform and the Azure Global Cloud to the domestic market.

“Delivery of hosting solutions through the Microsoft Cloud Platform means that Shinjiru’s customers and partners no longer have to procure or provide additional technical infrastructure and develop their own application management skills,” he said.

The Microsoft Cloud Platform delivered a trusted foundation for hosting and managing solutions while allowing app vendors to deliver targeted, premium services to customers, said Khow. “Shinjiru Cloud Solution’s completely secure and highly available system (99.9 percent monthly uptime SLA) provides the ideal infrastructure needed for hosting Shinjiru customers’ instance in a highly available environment.”

The infrastructure, built on cloud technologies, also include automatic OS and service patching, built in network load balancing and resiliency to hardware failure, he said.
Jeffrey Khow – Shinjiru
Photo – Jeffrey Khow, MD, Shinjiru
“At Shinjiru, we always strive to innovate our solutions and aim even higher with our cloud offerings,” said Khow. “By joining the Microsoft Cloud OS Network, Shinjiru was also the first service provider in Malaysia to partner closely with Microsoft in delivering hybrid cloud and Azure-enabled solutions.”

“Our customers operate in a wide variety of markets – financial services, and healthcare for example – and need to know that their systems are always available but are also completely secure,” he said. “Microsoft works closely with Shinjiru to technically validate services and enable best-practice solutions for hybrid cloud deployments including connections to Microsoft Azure global cloud. This combination enables Shinjiru to deliver a powerful hybrid cloud solution that is highly reliable, secure and yet flexible and easy to maintain.”

“The Microsoft Azure Cloud Platform allows Shinjiru to offer customers multiple advanced features,” said Khow. “This includes fantastic scalability since on demand resources can be added and removed instantly with no downtime or reboot needed for greater scalability.”

“Naturally, as a hosting provider, there is a need for the capability to provide instant Windows and Linux Virtual Machines, apps, and infrastructure with disaster recovery solutions as well,” he said. “Thanks to integrated Visual Studio tooling, customers are also able to develop, debug and iterate apps fast.”

“Per-hour billing and built-in auto scaling enable you to pay only for the infrastructure you really need and spin up/down resources automatically based on actual usage,” Khow said, adding that cloud servers reside on world-class Tier-4 data centres, with hardware RAID 10 storage, ECC memory, and fully redundant networking and power. “This is backed up 24/7 by a team of cloud engineers.”

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