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May 3, 2016 in Events by Derrick Koo


Malaysian home-grown innovator, Shinjiru, is the first in Malaysia to have successfully delivered a hybrid cloud solution using Microsoft’s Cloud platform & productivity solutions.

This event showcased Shinjiru’s Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS) capability. Hosted locally here in Malaysia on 19th January 2016, the event highlighted Shinjiru’s ability to extend out to Microsoft’s public Azure Cloud for global DR strategy.

The event received a very good response from public and key players in industry.

Some of the notable speakers and their respective topics in the event were as follows:

Ravi Ravishankar Nandagopalan of Clouddesk (World-class Azure based DR from Shinjiru)
Ong Kok Leong of Rhipe (New Generation of Best Practices for Cloud-Disaster Recovery)
Gavin Loh (Cloud or Haze?)
Ratnam Subramaniam (My experience implementing Disaster Recovery in my 30 years IT Career)