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Dynamail Email Hosting

April 15, 2013 in Shinjiru Tip Sharing by Shinjiru

Dynamail Email Hosting is designed to solve all kinds of email problems such as emails cannot be sent or received, email system is down, lost emails or email delay. If you are facing these situations, it is about time for you to subscribe to Dynamail and free yourself from all these time-wasting and frustrating problems. If email is critical for your business, this is the ultimate product for you! Our customers love Dynamail. Bosses love Dynamail because Dynamail has a special features of capturing all incoming and outgoing emails into a single mailbox! That is right, now you can monitor all the emails coming in and out of your company.

Dynamail Highlights

  • No Email Downtime With two redundant mail servers and DNS servers, we maintain our guarantee of no email downtime and highest server reliability!
  • No Lost Mail Ever find your business being affected by missing the most important of emails? Now you can focus entirely on running your business with peace of mind with the assurance of no lost emails!
  • Captor Technology (Capture All) New ! Dynamail is equipped with Captor function that once activated, will capture all incoming and outgoing emails from all email accounts into one single mailbox. This feature is very useful to monitor the activities of all employees in the company. Do we need to say more?
  • SpamAssassin Anti-SPAM Software Dynamail includes the notoriously famous “SpamAssassin” Anti-Spam Software to eliminate and reduce Spam Emails from entering your Inbox. Less time used to delete junk emails equals more time to focus on your business!
  • Anti Virus Software Dynamail is equipped with first class anti virus software to ensure that only ‘clean’ emails will ever find its way into your Inbox!
  • Disaster Recovery (DR) Compliance With two email servers located in different location, your email will not be affected if one of the location has network issue or network downtime due to any reasons like power failure, fire, network down etc. It is business as usual with Dynamail!
  • Outlook Synchronization You can now synchronize your Outlook Address Books, Outlook Calendars and Outlook Tasks between your Dynamail Webmail interface and your office PC or Laptop! Keep all your data in-sync with Dynamail!
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