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Easy Steps to Create a Facebook Business Page

December 1, 2022 in Latest News, Shinjiru All, Shinjiru Tip Sharing by Nadhira ZA
Simple Steps To Create Facebook Business Page. Guide To An Efficient Social Media Strategy.

Facebook has been one of the main social media platforms businesses use to promote their brand to the public. This is one of the methods used to engage and build connections with customers.

Until the third quarter of 2022, Statista has recorded that there are roughly 2.96 billion people in the world who have been active on Facebook. Hence, it is a good move to involve yourself more in this platform to improve your brand’s awareness. 

For those who still don’t have a Facebook page and don’t know how to create one, we’ve got you! Today, we’re going to guide you through the correct steps to create your Facebook business page, one by one. 

#1 Sign Up a Personal Facebook Account

Before proceeding, you must first create a personal Facebook account. In order to create a business page, you will need an account to link to it.

To create a personal account, go to the official Facebook link.

Fill in all the requested details and click on ‘Sign Up’.

#2 Create a Facebook Page

Once you’re logged into your personal account, you’ll then be brought to your homepage. Now, hover to your ‘Menu’ bar and tap on ‘Pages’.

Then, click on ‘ + Create New Page’.

On the left panel, insert your business details and information. While you’re filling in, you can preview how your page is going to look in real-time.

Use your brand name as your page name so people can easily find you. 

In ‘Category’, enter your business field or words that perfectly describe your brand.

Next, write a brief explanation about your business. Provide sentences that will not exceed 255 maximum characters. This is important because it will appear as the summary for your brand in search results.

After final check and you’re confident, click the ‘Create Page

#3 Upload Profile Picture and Cover Photo

Once your page is created, choose your profile picture and cover photo wisely.

Make sure the pictures represent your company and are consistent with your brand. For instance, the images should have a combination of the logo for your business, images of your products, and other branding elements.

A 170 × 170 pixel image should be used for your profile. Don’t place any crucial information in the corners because Facebook will crop it to a circle. While for the cover photo, you’re suggested to use a 1640 x 856 pixel picture.

You can switch between desktop and mobile views after uploading the photographs by clicking the icons in the top right corner of the preview. Make use of these to make certain that your images look great on both devices.

Click ‘Save’ once you’re done editing.

#4 Link Page to WhatsApp

A pop-up box will ask you to link your Facebook page to WhatsApp when you click ‘Save’. Although it is optional, doing so will enable you to add a WhatsApp button to your page.

When you’re ready to link your company page to WhatsApp, enter your phone number and click ‘Send Code’. 

#5 Create Username

Click ‘Create @username’ to create one.

Don’t use difficult names for your username because it lets people find you on Facebook. Indeed, it is advisable to use your brand name.

You will be prompted to enter the desired username in a pop-up window. If it’s available, Facebook will let you know by putting a green checkmark on it.

Then, click ‘Create Username’.

You will see another confirmation box. Click ‘Done’.

#6 Insert Business Info

Considering that Facebook is sometimes the first place clients check for information about you, providing important information on your company page is essential.

Hover to ‘finish setting up your page’ and click on “Provide Info and Preferences”.

Fill in all of the info needed. If you wish to do it later, you can skip this and come back later. To do this, go to the ‘Edit’ button on your homepage.

You’re all good to go now. After setting up your page, you can now blast your first post onto your Facebook feed.

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