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Host Your Online Business in Malaysia with Enterprise-Grade SSD Hosting

February 17, 2021 in Latest News, Promotions, Shinjiru Tip Sharing by Diyana Rose

When it comes to hosting your e-commerce or corporate website in Malaysia, Shinjiru SSD Business Class Hosting can really help boost your online presence. Our Business Premium Shared Hosting use Enterprise-Grade SSD Hard Drives to ensure faster website loading speed, which results in better user experience for your customers!

Our latest upgrades are stable and efficient to safeguard the security of data stored in them. We know for a fact that your growing business require high data throughput and low transaction latency to assure your business operates smoothly. So here are more reasons why Shinjiru SSD Business Class Hosting is the best solution to ensure you achieve your professional goals:

Your E-Store Site Loads Faster

A website hosted on a server with Solid State Drive (SSD) technology typically has access to stronger computing power and more bandwidth than a site that relies on a conventional Hard Disk Drive (HDD) web hosting plan. Since SSD hosting relies on flash storage rather than moving mechanical parts, the servers are capable of operating at much faster speeds.

More Reliable Service

SSD servers are more reliable than HDD, which means your site will have a much lower chance of downtime or other issues related to server performance. If you plan on conducting a high volume of daily transactions, even a small amount of downtime can lead to decreased sales and a loss in revenue. Shinjiru SSD Business Class Hosting ensures that your site is supported by the latest and greatest industry-standard technology.

Enhanced Security

Take comfort knowing that your site is protected by a generous allocation of security protocols and resources. Shinjiru’s complementary security features include Free Anti-Spam Protection, SSL certificates and a comprehensive control panel that can be used in conjunction with third-party security apps and services. In fact, every plan comes with a dedicated amount of bandwidth specifically for protection against cyber-attacks.

Cost-Effective Solution

Due to the way sites are stored on a shared server via partitions, our SSD Business hosting plans are extremely scalable in size and price, ranging from RM28 per month to larger plans like our SSD Business Ultimate plan that cost RM52 per month. This model of starting small and scaling as necessary is ideal for an e-commerce start up because most stores won’t need an excessive amount of hosting power initially.

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