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How to Increase Affiliate Sales

December 8, 2020 in Latest News, Shinjiru Agent, Shinjiru Tip Sharing by Diyana Rose

Dear Shinjiru Affiliates,

We previously discussed on how you can fully utilise social media such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram as the convenient and hassle-free platforms for affiliate marketing to help expand your reach.

In this blog post, we reveal some techniques and hacks that you can implement on your blog or website to grow your affiliate earnings and get more money in your bank account.

Here are 6 Ways to Increase Your Affiliate Sales.

1. Use Call to Action Buttons
Using call to action buttons can help your visitors to spot the action item clearly. In your case, you want them to click on your affiliate link. If they click on the link and purchase the product, you will earn your commission.

WordPress has a built-in feature to add call to action buttons where you can manually add affiliate links in every post and page on your site, or you can use one of the popular automatic affiliate link plugins available for WordPress. Automatic affiliate link plugins convert every instance of specified keywords on your site into affiliate links, so you’ll never forget to add links or make typos in your links again.

2. Use Tables
Using a table is another easy way to get more clicks to your affiliate links. Especially if you are making a listicle you can add a prominent table at the top of your article and get more clicks. The table also helps readers compare the products in digestible way.

WordPress also has an in-built table feature which you can use to add a table. We recommend that you play around with the table feature of WordPress and find the design that works best for you.

WordPress built-in table editor can be customised according to your website preference and style.

3. Create Keyword-list
When you do keyword research, make sure you focus on informational, transactional and commercial keywords. Look for these kinds of keywords:
• Best
• Cheap
• Alternatives
• Compare
• Improve
• Offer
• Discount
• Promo
• Coupon

4. Build Upon Your Reputation
Your reputation will be one of the most useful tools in your mission to make money online. It’s really just common sense. If your viewers trust you and the material you provide, then it will be easier for them to trust the products you’re selling or leading them into.

Before promoting any of our product, you should give it a try and write about it. Write tutorials or guides on how to use it and how it has improved your business, this approach will make sure that people will love your judgment and with blog post or videos, you can clear all common questions. You can see some examples from Shinjiru’s Latest News as well as Facebook, Instagram and YouTube channels.

5. Get More Organic Traffic
More traffic on your site will mean a better chance of selling more. It’s a rule that if you want to make money online, you’ll have to target people. You have to build your site around the idea of attracting your target audience. Using keywords, good material and such will result in having your site visible in search engines.

Even if you’re inexperienced with marketing affiliates, you’ll find out that more traffic will make it easier for you to make money with leads. Using WordPress for your affiliate site with the right SEO plugins can optimise your site for better ranking.

6. Base Your Actions On Conversion
When marketing affiliates, you actually have to upgrade consistently every week, every day if possible. You will have to base these actions on conversion rates.

For example, you have 300 visitors a day and only 3 of them click on your affiliate link, then you’ll have to change the way you market. Think from the customer’s view. If something in your site makes them click on the product, expand on it. If there’s some element that make them ignore it, remove those.

These are some of the basic steps which you can follow, but we would suggest that you do proper research about our products so you can promote more efficiently. If you need help, kindly contact your Account Manager for guidance.

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