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How to Prevent Your Social Media Account from Getting Scammed

December 8, 2022 in Latest News, Shinjiru All, Shinjiru Tip Sharing by Nadhira ZA
How To Avoid Being Scammed On Social Media. Be Safe And Secure Online.

Be it for leisure or even work, everything needs the internet now. With so much information being exposed to the public, it is a must for you to take precautions when you go online especially on your social media. The internet has now become the main target for cybercriminals, or hackers, to be exact.

If you are on the internet unprotected, your private data is likely to be stolen and spread to irresponsible individuals for harmful reasons.

In today’s sharing, we will discuss how to prevent hacking on your social media accounts, particularly if you are a frequent Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or other account user. 

#1 Make Sure Your Password Is Strong

Maybe you’ve heard of this many times before and here we’re reminding you again. Use a hard, strong password for every one of your accounts. Password strength is very important because if yours is very easy to guess, you will be the hacker’s next target. For safety, avoid using passwords like “567890”, “simple123”, or other predictable words.

In fact, your passwords should be a mixture of everything. The safest way is to make sure your password has a minimum of eight characters with both uppercase and lowercase letters, numbers and special characters included. Make sure they are all random combinations and have no pattern.

#2 Never Reuse Passwords

Do you use the same password for your Facebook or email accounts when setting up a new one on a retailer’s website? The problem is that you are using a password twice, regardless of where you create the account or which password you are using. This is a really risky move.

Any other accounts you have used that password for could be impacted if it was stolen on one website. You should use a unique password for each online account you create.

#3 Use Two-Factor Authentication (2FA)

The use of two-factor authentication (2FA) is another method to safeguard your account. To confirm that you are the user, an additional step in the sign-in procedure is necessary. Most 2FA systems require you to log in and then send an access code to your email or smartphone, which you must enter in order to proceed.

A hacker won’t normally have access to your text messages or any other 2FA apps to complete the second level of security with the security code even if they manage to obtain your first level of protection, your password. Most social media platforms, including Twitter and Instagram, allow you to add this.

#4 Be Careful on Phishing Emails

Phishing is a widely popular way for hackers to get access to accounts. Phishing is the practice of someone sending you a “fake” email that appears to be from a reputable company in an effort to get your login information.

We’ve outlined some precautions you should take before opening any links or providing any information to help avoid social media hacking via phishing.

  • Verify the email address used for sending. When you click on a name that is sometimes displayed over it (like on Instagram), a full email address that is obviously bogus is displayed.
  • What is the email requesting of you? You can discard the message and be sure it was phishing if it asked you to check in or “verify your account.”

Emails telling you that your account password has been changed or that your account is suspended are another type of email that could be a phishing attempt. Make sure the address is coming from the correct domain, such as, by checking it. You can always go to the social media website and securely change your password if you don’t feel safe.

#5 Beware of 3rd Party Apps

You shouldn’t give unidentified third-party apps access to your social network accounts, just as you wouldn’t let a complete stranger into your home. This can contain well-known applications created by other developers, such as business-oriented social media post schedulers. When you let them access your account, you expose yourself vulnerable to their exploitation of your confidence. particularly if the app was created by a hacker or other online criminal.

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