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Importance of Google Reviews For Your Business

December 30, 2021 in Latest News, Shinjiru Tip Sharing by Gabriella Gadung
Importance of Google Reviews For Your Business

Reviews are essential to your business because it promotes transparency between business owners and customers. It provides your company with a lot of credibilities without having to invest heavily in it. A majority of customers look at reviews before buying anything because they want to know what the other customers think of the products or services. 

In fact, nearly 88% of consumers have read reviews to determine the quality of a local business. With Google Reviews, you don’t need a flashy marketing strategy. All you need to do is request your consumers take the time to write a review. 

Enhance Your Search Engine Ranking 

Search engine optimisation (SEO) is integral to any digital marketing plan. This is because a higher Google ranking suggests to customers that you are a trustworthy source and it puts you ahead of the competition. You can optimise your content to rank higher on search engines to get in front of these customers.

One of the benefits of Google reviews is that they might help you improve your local SEO. Google reviews have a significant impact on Google search results by assisting your business in ranking higher on search results pages. As a result, customers will be able to find you more easily online.

Increase the level of transparency 

Google reviews allow customers to provide their unbiased opinion about an organisation. Therefore it serves as one of the most transparent platforms between businesses and customers. Getting a bad review is inevitable, but you should not give up just yet. 

Maintaining transparency is critical to helping your business build brand trust and brand loyalty. One of the smartest ways to increase the level of transparency is to respond to Google reviews, regardless of the tone of the review. This communicates to customers that you want to be open and honest.

Build a foundation of trust 

One of the most crucial benefits of Google reviews is their capacity to increase brand trust. Based on a survey conducted by brightlocal in 2020, 93% of consumers check online evaluations regularly or irregularly. Online reviews are trusted by 87% of individuals as much as personal recommendations.

Google reviews create social proof that your brand is trustworthy by remaining open and upfront with customers. Customers can see how you do business by looking at your Google reviews and the way you respond to them. Therefore, you’ll not only establish brand trust, but you’re also establishing a foundation based on positive consumer experiences.

Improve your website’s click-through rates 

Any intelligent business person understands the importance of getting clients to click on your link when it appears in a search engine. Having Google reviews is a great strategy to improve the number of people who click on your link when it appears in a search engine. Because your Google review rating will appear next to your business name in Google, a large number of positive reviews will improve the number of people who click through to your website.

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