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Importance of SSL in Today’s Era

March 23, 2015 in Shinjiru Tip Sharing by Shinjiru

Importance of SSL in Today's Era

In today’s digital arena, Secure Socket Layer(SSL) is becoming increasingly important primarily due to ever augmenting security risks and vulnerabilities. SSL is a standard 256 bit encryption protocol which establishes a secure link between your web browser and web server. The information exchanged can no doubted be hacked in the transit but with SSL security in place, the data compromised would be nothing but meaningless strings of hashes. The decryption is virtually impossible without being on the sending and receiving ends that possess the right keys to decrypt. This is what gives SSL paramount significance, specially on websites which deal in critical information.

Often when you’re browsing web, you notice a http:// before websites. That’s standard hypertext transfer protocol which combines with web address to give you the URL of the website. This is not always the case. Some websites have https:// on their start. That folks is hypertext transfer protocol secure – protected by an SSL certificate with TLS security in place. This is often seen on websites with login area access.

The story takes a twist when you visit your financial institution’s website like PayPal, Bank of America, Payza, Skrill etc. There is a green padlock before the address which shows the company’s name plus it’s registration location. This is an extended validation certification, often known as EvGreen. Different browsers interpret it differently. Like Internet Explorer for instance turns the whole address bar green, showing that the website is trustworthy. Obtaining an SSL like this is no easy feat. Its particularly expensive often ranging from $500 – $1000 /yr and requires a rigorous authentication process for SSL issuance, often coupled with your identity and business license.

So by now, you probably would have concluded that SSL has 2 basic tasks. To provide you with web security showed in the form of https:// protocol and to provide you with identifying information about a website you’re visiting to make a transaction, the green padlock.

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