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New Generation of Cybersecurity Backup Solution – Acronis Cyber Protect Cloud

April 8, 2022 in Latest News, Press Releases, Shinjiru All by Noor Fatihah Mustapa
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Acronis Cyber Protect Cloud is a cybersecurity and a backup solution created to provide protection, AI-based management service against malware, antivirus and endpoint. Suits the title of being the world’s best backup and recovery, Acronis Cyber Protect Cloud helps to secure your data, giving you a stable and safe cloud that you needed. This amazing software is now available for you at Shinjiru.

Advanced Technology

There’s always something appealing with web solutions that use high-advanced technology. As the world especially Malaysia keeps on advancing, modern technologies are always the result of continuous try and error which means that it is improving with each version.

Acronis Cyber Protect Cloud comes with advanced technology, with a built-in automatic recovery from ransomware and AI-based static analyzer and behaviour anti-malware analysis focusing on zero-day threats, to ensure the effectiveness of your cloud protection. With these modern technologies, making sure that your data is secure is not a challenge anymore. 

Instant Backup Recovery

The world nowadays likes having everything fast don’t you think so? When it comes to backing up data as well, of course, we all want the process to be smooth and fast without any annoying delays that restrict it. That way, the process can be more secure and stable, suitable for businesses or organizations that could not risk the process going wrong.

The features available on Acronis Cyber Protect Cloud allow time taken on recovery and RTO to be reduced and cut as fast as 15 seconds, saving you from wasting time as everything becomes instant. 

Powerful Advanced Packs

Not only the existing features can bring benefits to the users, but Acronis Cyber Protect Cloud is also available in a few advanced packs to whoever needs it. These advanced packs serve as an add-on to those who want to enjoy the premium features, which can help to boost the service.

Variety of advanced packs to choose from; Advanced Security, Advanced Backup, Advanced Disaster Recovery, Advanced File Sync and Share, Advanced Management, and Advanced Email Security, each with its own benefits and more premium features can be unlocked allowing a full experience on Acronis Cyber Protect Cloud. More information on each pack can be found on our website under the features (put links KIV) section.

Reliable Backup Solution

As a recognized member of the cybersecurity industry such as Microsoft, AVTest, and many more, Acronis Cyber Protect Cloud managed to build trust among its user over the year.

Complete with high-performance automation and detailed feature there is, it is ready to serve its purpose with a high quality service and satisfaction.
With that being highlighted, the Acronis Cyber Protect Cloud solution serves many functions and benefits to its user, you just need to find the right partner to help you along with the unfamiliar process and help you manage it. We are more than happy to announce that Shinjiru is finally offering the Acronis Cyber Protect Cloud solutions for whoever wants and needs them. Stay tuned to the release of this amazing backup solution to know more details on our website at Shinjiru.

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