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Online Payment Gateways For Your E-commerce Website in Malaysia

December 1, 2021 in Latest News, Partners, Shinjiru Tip Sharing, Website Builder by Gabriella Gadung
Online Payment Gateways For Your E-commerce Website in Malaysia

Payment gateway providers in Malaysia can equip your e-commerce website with the ability to process various payment methods. If you run an eCommerce website, you’ll need a payment gateway to process your customer’s payments for goods or services. There are many types of gateways to choose from, and each one has different features and benefits that might make it the right choice for your business. 

What Is A Payment Gateway? 

A payment gateway is a cloud-based software that links a customer to a merchant via the internet. It reads and transfers payment information from a client to a merchant’s bank account. Payment gateways functions include collecting data, verifying funds, and getting a merchant paid. These gateways typically offer the ability to process credit cards, debit cards, and e-wallets and more. 

Why You Should Use a Payment Gateway For Your Ecommerce Store 

Any business that wants to accept online and credit card payments need a payment gateway. It sends financial data to the appropriate parties in order to authorise payments and transfer funds from a client to a merchant. Most importantly, payment gateways can handle fraud detection, ensure the security of your customers’ information and deal with fraud protection by preventing fraudsters from being able to use stolen credit card details.

Shinjiru Payment Gateway Partners 

Get your professional e-commerce website with Shinjiru Web Design Malaysia and choose the best payment gateway for your website. Shinjiru has partnered up with the best payment gateways in Malaysia to furnish your e-commerce website with all the functionalities a website needs. Our payment gateway partners are:

ipay88 payment gateway               

Ipay88 provides businesses with a variety of payment options, including e-commerce and retail solutions. They’ve been in the industry for over 20 years and was successfully acquired by NTT Data, a Japanese system integration company known as one of the global innovators. They provide online payment solutions for e-commerce and solutions for retail payments.

Razer Merchant Services 

Razer Merchant Services has been South East Asia’s leading merchant service provider since 2005, with an astonishing global presence. They provide a full range of payment methods for e-commerce and offline payment such as e-wallet, online banking and more.


kiplePay is one of Malaysia’s fastest-growing e-wallets striving to maximise convenience, security, and business optimisation. They have several features that help users to manage and use their wallet accounts effectively. KiplePay provides online payment solutions to provide you with many payment options on a single platform and mobile app solutions where you will be able to make online purchasing and cashless payment with several top-up channels.

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