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Shinjiru Partner Program: Let’s Partner Up and Make Money!

September 24, 2021 in Latest News, Partners by Gabriella Gadung
Shinjiru Partner Program. Let's Partner Up and Make Money!
What is Shinjiru Partner Program?

Shinjiru Partner Program is a FREE partnership program that helps businesses expand their client base by connecting them to our massive customer base, introducing their business to our listed partners and grow their business as our partners. You can collaborate with established, reputable web design companies, SEO consultants, web security firms, media agencies, and businesses from various industries and complement your products with their services. 

Who Can Join Us?

Our Partner Program is open to businesses from every industry. However, to join us, you must be our client or reseller. 

What Are The Benefits of Shinjiru Partner Program?

Becoming our partner means that you’ll enjoy a lot of benefits that will grow your business. Here are some of the benefits that you’ll get from our Partner Program.

Connect with our extensive database and network

You will be able to take full advantage of Shinjiru’s customer database and start networking with new clients from a broad range of industries. Your business will be listed on Shinjiru Partner Listing page and you can provide special promotions for your products and services to our customers and partners.

Get backlinks to your website

A backlink is a link to your website on another company’s website. Building backlinks is one of the best strategies to boost your domain authority for search engines. Shinjiru Partner Program will help you improve your website’s visibility on search engine results pages (SERP) by providing high-quality backlinks. 

Direct more traffic to your website

Increased website visibility and exposure mean that you get to direct more traffic to your website. This allows you to broaden your customer reach and increase your sales and profit. 

How To Sign Up for Shinjiru Partner Program?

To sign up, simply click here, scroll down to the end of the page and fill up the form with your company details. Our Partner Program representative will contact you shortly with a follow-up email.

What Information/Documents Should I Prepare?

To help us prepare your company profile on our Partner Listing page, you have to provide:

  • The email registered under Shinjiru
  • Your company profile
  • Products and/or services that you currently offer
  • Contact information: Email, contact number and company address
  • The URL of your website
  • Company logo
  • 5 High-resolution images (company, staff, company premises, etc.)
How Can I Contribute To Shinjiru Partner Program?

Link exchange

Link exchange represents two websites linking to each other on their website. For example, Shinjiru displays our partner’s business and website link on our website, while Shinjiru Partner also does the same for us. 

Provide special discounts to Shinjiru Partners

For example, our business can provide a 10% discount on all products and services to the rest of Shinjiru Partners. This Promotion will be displayed at the top of your business profile on our Partner Listing directory page.

Provide sufficient information

If you’d like us to publish a blog or newsletter related to your business, kindly notify our Partner Program representative and provide all the needed details such as graphics, write-up and more. Our Partner program representative will assist you along the way.  

What are you waiting for? Sign up with us for FREE and start cross-sharing your products and services to our customer base today!

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