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Shinjiru’s SuperFast SSD Managed KVM VPS Malaysia

February 10, 2021 in Latest News by Diyana Rose

Shinjiru’s Virtual Private Servers (VPS) are designed to work like dedicated servers in a shared hosting environment. VPS is less expensive than renting an entire dedicated server and more private than a shared hosting.

With Shinjiru’s SuperFast SSD Managed KVM VPS Malaysia, we will manage your server, so you don’t have to worry about the technical details!

Discover our latest V5.3 VPS servers with automated features such as auto reboot and auto OS-reinstallation. Shinjiru’s newly upgraded KVM VPS servers come with enterprise grade SSD storage to ensure the highest performance for businesses in Malaysia.

Why Shinjiru KVM VPS?

Updates: With Shinjiru’s managed VPS, you don’t have to worry about updating software or hardware to keep your website running.

Server Maintenance: We make sure your server is running properly and there are no technical glitches that might cause your website to crash.

System Monitoring: We monitor and pay close attention to traffic spikes to ensure your website can handle increased traffic at peak times without crashing.

Data Protection: Files are constantly checked for vulnerability and backed up on a regular basis. This ensures that after a crash or some other error, no data would be completely lost and could be restored quickly. Backups are also constantly being made of your web servers and applications to ensure rapid restoration if necessary.

Security: Our managed VPS are constantly checked for weak points on the site as well as malware, spyware and suspicious traffic patterns to keep your website uncorrupted and safe from viruses.

24/7 Support: You can be sure of round-the-clock assistance from our Technical Support, anytime including public holidays.

Shinjiru guarantees our customers the best experience when using our Virtual Private Servers. Click here to order now and see it deployed within minutes!

*Visit Shinjiru’s YouTube channel to watch our VPS Tutorial video.

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