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Shinjiru Trip to Damai Laut Resort

March 22, 2013 in Events by Shinjiru

Shinjiru Trip to Damai Laut Resort

Shinjiru organized a 3D2N company trip to reward its hard working employees in February 2013. It was held at Damai Laut Resort; with 4 hours travelling period by bus and 36 employees participating in this fun-filled outing.

We spent the first night with a gift exchange session among employees where the gifts ranged from earphones to a personalized survivor kit by our fellow creative Marketing Dept! Guess which is the survivor kit? 😛

Among the activities lined up were island hopping, snorkeling, jungle trekking and the most importantly, telematch session for us to understand each other better and of course; to bring each and every one of us closer together.

The last night was spent indulging in yummy barbeque filled with fresh seafood together with lucky draw prizes such as iPad mini, iPod nano, hard disk & mini speakers up for grabs !

It was indeed a fun and eventful stay at Resort for Shinjiru’s employees to better understand their fellow colleagues from different Damai Laut departments and it strengthens our relationship. Nevertheless, despite all the sun burns and salty sea water, we truly enjoyed our beach getaway.

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