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Shinjiru Wraps Up Their Food Bank Project With Success

September 22, 2021 in Latest News, Press Releases by Gabriella Gadung

KUALA LUMPUR 21 September 2021- Shinjiru Technology Sdn Bhd ends their food bank project after 3 months of providing help to those affected by the enhanced movement control order (EMCO) and full movement control order (FMCO).

Since its launch on 21 July 2021, the food bank project was able to help those badly affected by the Covid-19 pandemic. We have also witnessed the power of kind actions through donations from the public and Shinjiru staff for the food bank project.

Shaun Lim, Shinjiru Chief Technology Officer, said: “The public was encouraged to contribute any form of donations to the food bank by dropping by our location and leaving their contributions on the table provided. To our surprise, we’ve witnessed exactly what we wanted to see out of this project which is to encourage people to be more generous and kind to one and other.”  

“We measure our project success, not by the number of donations provided but by the way the food bank has helped people and gave people the chance to give back to society,” he added.

To date, the number of donations given, excluding the contribution from the public, is as follows:

  • 101 Packets of rice
  • 79 Packets of rice vermicelli 
  • 36 Bottles of oil 
  • 49 Packets of flour
  • 82 Packets of sugar
  • 57 Packets of salt
  • 101 Canned food
  • 90 Packets of instant noodles
  • 10 Packets of baby milk
  • 54 Toothpaste 
  • 83 Soap 
  • 48 Packets of sanitary pads

Shaun Lim said, “We would like to thank everyone involved in making this project a success. This project is one of the most impactful CSR projects that we’ve carried out because many people are in an awful situation due to the lockdown.”

“We’ve also gotten some applauds from passers-by and donation recipients for our effort in helping the needy during this pandemic. Their support meant a lot and has encouraged us to keep going,” he added. 

The food bank will be open until the end of September every Monday to Friday from 9am to 6pm, and it is located at Wisma Laxton. The table is placed beside Boost Juice, in front of Dita Group. Please do not hesitate to share our location with those who need our help.

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