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Should You Get Dedicated Server Hosting?

March 10, 2021 in Latest News, Shinjiru Tip Sharing by Gabriella Gadung
Should You get Dedicated Server Hosting?
What is a Dedicated Server?

A Dedicated Server is a physical server dedicated to a single organisation for multiple purposes. Unlike VPS or shared hosting, you’ll get a private server exclusively for you. It is the most powerful web hosting solution because you have complete control, administration privileged access, high privacy and super-fast loading time*. You can anticipate reliability and stability when using a Dedicated Server.

Before deciding to purchase or upgrade to a Dedicated Server, you must take into account that it is not cheap. However, Shinjiru provides a variety of fully managed plans with competitive pricing for you to purchase. We guarantee that the plans we provide are worth every penny you spend.

Why should you purchase a Dedicated Server hosting solution?

There are many other types of web hosting solutions that you could get depending on your organisation needs. Therefore, you need to know if Dedicated Server hosting is the best for you. You should buy a Dedicated Server solution if:

  • You have high website growth/potential website growth – If you think that your website has the potential to expand and gain high traffic, then a Dedicated Server is the best option for you. Outgrowing your current hosting solution with a significant increase in website traffic also means that it is time for you to upgrade to a Dedicated Server.
  • You want the best security – Buying a Dedicated Server means that you’ll get first-class security and privacy compared to any other web hosting solution. You could enhance your security by purchasing a dedicated firewall for your dedicated server. Moreover, your data will be stored safely in a space designated specifically for you. In other words, power and control are all yours. You rule!
  • You want better performance and more storage space – If your website is performing poorly and needs bigger storage space, then a Dedicated Server will be the best option for you. With a Dedicated Server, website speed and loading time will be much faster. Everything happens in the blink of an eye.
Why choose Shinjiru Dedicated Server Malaysia hosting?

Shinjiru provides Linux and Windows Dedicated Server hosting plans with a 99.9% network uptime guarantee. Some of our Dedicated Server features are:

  • High-End Servers and Technology* – We only invest in the finest and latest technology in the market to ensure the best performance for your website.
  • Enterprise Security – Our partners consist of key security players in the market.
  • Expert Solutions – We are ISO9001 and PCI DSS certified with 2 data centres in Malaysia, providing professional solutions for all environments.
  • Full Customisation – You have power and control over everything, such as full administration access/root access to install and configure PHP, modules, server level application and many more.
  • Free Automatic Backup – Keep your data protected with FREE automatic backup up to 100GB. Say goodbye to Malware and virus attacks, accidental data removal or server crash. (Applies to all XEON plans)
  • 24/7 Expert Hosting Support – We provide 24/7 live support from our in-house experts. You can use Telegram to chat with us, submit tickets anytime or call us whenever you need our assistance. We will get back to you in the fastest time possible.

Interesting right? Wait no more and contact us to purchase your desired Dedicated Server Malaysia plan. We provide the most comprehensive plans in the market. If you’re still unsure, you can give us a ring anytime for our expert opinion and guidance.

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