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Simple Steps to a Promising eCommerce Website in 2023

January 12, 2023 in Latest News, Shinjiru All, Shinjiru Tip Sharing by Nadhira ZA

Bringing your brand online is undoubtedly a brilliant move to showcase your business on another level. The perks of having an eCommerce website are important since nowadays, people prefer to shop online rather than going to a physical store. Apart from that, owning a website won’t put your finances at risk.

You can clearly see now how being active on an eCommerce website is indeed crucial for business. However, if you’re still unclear on how to create an efficient website, you’re in the right place.

Today, we’re going to discover the five must-do steps for a successful eCommerce website. 

#1 Register Your Domain Name

When someone visits a website, they enter the domain name as the website address. It should express the essence of your brand to the public and offer them a sense of the operations of the company. In addition to establishing a website’s trustworthiness, it helps set it apart from rival websites.

You can make a bigger impression by using a domain extension. For example, in Malaysia, famous domain names include and .com domains. You can use your imagination and creativity when choosing a domain name. Making sure it is unique and easy to pronounce should be the major consideration.

#2 Choose a Hosting Plan and a Reliable Hosting Company

As easy as it may sound selecting a reliable hosting plan, make sure that you won’t let your guard down on these aspects when choosing one:

Bandwidth– The amount of data that a website can provide to its users over a set period of time is referred to as bandwidth. Pick a hosting company that provides limitless bandwidth if at all possible.

Speed– When operating an online store, speed is an essential component. Select a hosting company that guarantees quick page loads to prevent high bounce rates and slow website traffic on your eCommerce site.

Security– The security of your eCommerce website and the data of your consumers will be ensured by selecting a hosting solution with high levels of security. Access management, an SSL certificate, numerous layers of firewalls, automated backups, and upgrades are all things to look for in a web hosting provider.

#3 Select a Website Builder or an eCommerce Platform

Using eCommerce platforms, opening an online store might be simpler than you think. They can be used to create a wonderful website design, enhance customers’ purchasing experiences, and speed up the routine operation of handling online purchases.

Think about a platform’s price, functionality, and usability before deciding to use it to create an eCommerce website. Take your time weighing your options to discover something that complements your business model and has room for expansion.

#4 Create Website Pages

The content on your website’s primary pages should be straightforwardly visible and easy to reach in order to draw in and convert sales from your target audience.

Moreover, some pages and elements should be included on every eCommerce website. For instance:

Homepage– It should include attractive graphics as well as content that is both captivating and understandable about your business. A homepage’s loading time must be as short as possible.

About Us page– On this page, customers learn more about a brand’s history, inspiration, purpose, and passion. Please write in a clear and concise manner. Show the visitors the core principles of your brand and how it differs from the competitors.

Contact Us page– Customers can confirm a company’s accessibility and dependability by visiting its contact information page. Make it simple for them to find your contact information, including your phone number, email address, and, if applicable, a physical address.

#5 Use an Attractive and User-Friendly Design

By improving the user experience, user experience (UX) design seeks to increase a website’s capacity to manage interactions and generate revenue. User interface (UI) design, meanwhile, aids in the improvement of a website’s visual elements, feel, and appearance. Both design aspects typically complement one another and enhance the functionality of your eCommerce site. Any platform you choose to build your online store on must have a responsive design in order to draw clients.

Since a significant portion of eCommerce transactions are conducted through mobile devices, it is essential to have a website that will load properly on all devices. Moreover, using an SSL certificate to protect consumer data shows that your online store appreciates user security and privacy.

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