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Simple, Yet Powerful: Shinjiru WordPress Hosting Malaysia

April 28, 2021 in Latest News, Promotions, Shinjiru Tip Sharing by Gabriella Gadung
Simple, Yet Powerful Shinjiru WordPress Hosting Malaysia

Easy peasy lemon squeezy! Grow your website and online business effortlessly with Shinjiru WordPress Hosting Malaysia. You don’t need to know anything about coding or web design because WordPress is as simple to use as a word processor like Microsoft Word where it’s easy to navigate with a point-and-click interface. As long as you have decent computer skills, you will do just fine.

WordPress is a powerful website builder and a robust content management system (CMS), a software that allows you to create websites and publish digital content on the internet without having to write any code.

You can manage your content such as pictures, videos, articles and so much more with WordPress. Since its release in 2003, it had gained trust globally and now powers 41.1% of all websites worldwide. WordPress users produce a jaw-dropping 70 million new posts and 77 million new comments each month!

Shinjiru WordPress Hosting plans are made specifically for WordPress to enhance your website’s security, speed, accessibility, and visibility. Your website cannot stand on its own without a domain name and hosting to be available on the internet. Therefore, choosing the right hosting plan that suits your website’s requirements and budget is crucial.

Shinjiru WordPress Hosting

Shinjiru provides optimised, managed WordPress hosting in Malaysia at super affordable prices. Your WordPress website will enjoy multiple luxuries, including Search Engine Optimisation (SEO), free domain name and so much more from as low as RM15.20 a month. The features of Shinjiru Malaysia WordPress Hosting plans are:

Highly secured 

Shinjiru Shared Hosting servers are protected by a Web Application Firewall (WAF) against security threats, such as SQL injection, cross-site scripting, illegal resource access and remote file inclusion. Not just that, we’ve also chosen Patchman for their malware detection solution with its automatic malware and vulnerability kill-switch.

Hyperfast Page Load Speed

Shinjiru built the best server with Enterprise Grade SSD combined with Litespeed Technology to increase page load speed compared to traditional Apache or NGINX programs. LiteSpeed Web Server delivers up to 84X faster page load speed.

FREE SSL Certificate

Padlock on, security warnings off! Your website will be equipped with a Free SSL Certificate, which is renewable every 90 days. It is as trusted as any paid SSL Certificate and recognised by 99.9% of all browsers and devices.

FREE Automatic Backup

We keep your data protected with automatic backup powered by R1Soft. You can say goodbye to malware and virus attacks, accidental data removal or server crash.

24/7 Support

We are an ISO9001 certified web hosting company with a 247×365 command centre. You can use Telegram to chat with us, submit tickets anytime or subscribe to our GOLD VIP Managed services for unparalleled support!

Experience the best WordPress Hosting plan in Malaysia with Shinjiru and enjoy up to 20% discount with a free domain name for life. We provide the most affordable and comprehensive plans in the market. Act now before the promotion ends! Click here to learn more about our WordPress Hosting packages.

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