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Start Your Business with Office 365

November 29, 2019 in Events, Workshops by Anis Juainie

Office 365 provides businesses with the tools to reach the next level in business growth with communication, office, email, social network, and planning applications together in one single environment.

Shinjiru together with Microsoft team will educate our potential resellers about Office 365. The event was held at the Shinjiru office.

This time, the resellers got the chance to learn about:

  • Features and benefits of Office 365.
  • Provisioning new tenant accounts.
  • Introduction to:

The resellers got the opportunity to discuss directly with the speakers from the Microsoft team.

Shinjiru would like to thank our supportive resellers for making this event an absolute success!

We look forward to seeing you again for Shinjiru’s next workshop!

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