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The Benefits of Frequently Updating Your Website

December 16, 2022 in Latest News, Shinjiru All, Shinjiru Tip Sharing by Nadhira ZA
The Importance of Regularly Updating Your Website. Efficient Tips for a Successful Business

Believe it or not, one tends to ditch a website that is outdated and boring. Our brain naturally will get attracted to things that are different and appealing. Put yourself in clients’ shoes, would you stay long in a dull website? Do you have the confidence to trust that company?

Due to the rapid advancement of Internet technology, all companies should regularly update their websites to make them faster, easier to use, lighter, and more secure. By doing this, they can ensure that their visitors receive the best services and user experience possible, enhancing their impression of their business and generating profits.

An efficient website requires regular updates. The more you “service” your website, the better it will function. This includes the plugins and the theme of your website. Changing the content on your website should be done frequently, even though you should redesign it at least every two years. Depending on the kind of content you have, this could be done every day or just occasionally.

The Importance of Updating Your Website

A website that has problems and is infrequently updated will cost more to fix when it malfunctions. So you can also save money by occasionally maintaining your website.

#1 Website Security

The vulnerabilities brought on by an outdated website framework or plugin are one of the main causes of website hacking. Customers’ personal information and credit card numbers could potentially be taken if your website is hacked, which would be problematic for both your business and your customers. Customers that visit your website and feel uneasy will stop trusting your company.

To be safe, always update your plugins to maintain your website functionality. There are a lot of plugins that developers from around the world have produced. These plugins occasionally include flaws that hackers can use to get access to the website. Then, hackers will target all websites that have this vulnerability.

Don’t forget to backup your website often. It’s always better to be prepared for all possibilities rather than ignore safe steps you can take. 

#2 Increase Traffic 

Other reasons why you need a regular website update include to attract more visitors and to leave a good first impression. Let’s be real, we all tend to be attracted to things that are beautiful on display. 

Making sure your website’s content is current and fresh is another important reason to refresh it. Keeping website material up to date can help with traffic growth and customer conversion.

Furthermore, web crawlers or “Google bots,” are used by search engines. It is a tool that Google employs to search the web for web pages. The search engine notices and reevaluates your site’s ranking each time you make an update to your website. As a result, upgrading your material frequently enhances the likelihood that your website will be ranked higher.

#3 Engage Visitors With Effective Web Design

Businesses shouldn’t focus solely on online marketing and content while neglecting the aesthetics and usability of their website. Users may leave a website without giving the business a chance if the navigation bars are challenging to use, the colours are unpleasant, and the design is not responsive. In contrast, a responsive website that provides a positive user experience for web design Malaysia encourages people to stay on it longer. 

Additionally, you need to opt your website to a mobile-friendly one. Users will have a better experience on websites if the screen and resolution are optimised for all devices. A further 30% of website traffic originates from mobile devices. You will probably lose out on about 30% of your prospective leads if your website is not accessible.

We’ve got you covered!

Updating your website frequently is so important to keep your business on track. It is also to ensure that your website is secure for everyone to use. If you’re not really familiar with this, we can help you! Shinjiru offers web design Malaysia service that will help you in maintaining and backing up your website.

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