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The Importance of Increasing Your Website’s Domain Authority Score 

March 16, 2023 in Latest News, Shinjiru All, Shinjiru Tip Sharing by Nadhira ZA

What’s the point of having a website if it doesn’t really do any good to your brand?

For your website to appear highly in search engine results, search engine optimization (SEO) is crucial. When visitors perform a search related to your industry, your website will rank higher in the listing the more optimised it is. However, how can you tell whether your SEO is good enough to achieve a high ranking? Understanding your domain authority score will help you find the solution.

Moz created the domain authority (DA) rating system to assist website owners in understanding their score so they may make corrections if necessary.

Checking your domain authority on a regular basis can be quite helpful because the majority of search engines don’t provide all of the methods they use to rank websites.

Is it necessary to maintain your domain authority?

You may find your domain authority score by reviewing the range of integers from 1 to 100. For a better chance of appearing higher in search engine results, you want your website to be as near to 100 as it can be.

However, there are various free checkers available online that you may utilise. You can verify your score by going to the Moz site explorer. You can inspect the score of any other website on the internet thanks to these checkers, which is a fantastic thing.

To see how you stack up against your competitors, find one of their websites and compare your score to theirs. Then, make any necessary changes to your website.

What elements make up a domain authority score?

You won’t know what changes need to be made unless you understand exactly how a domain authority score is determined.

The MozRank and MozTrust metrics are typically used to calculate a website’s DA ranking:

MozRank is a factor that carefully examines your website’s link profile. Your website will have a higher MozRank if it is linked to by more reliable websites. In this case, high-quality linkages are crucial. You will be given a higher rating if your website is connected by a reputable website with millions of unique views and visitors as opposed to a small local company website.

The MozTrust factor looks at how trustworthy people perceive your website. Your website will gain more trustworthiness the more external links it has to reputable websites. Your MozTrust score will drop if your website contains a lot of external links from dubious sources or sites that violate malware laws.

Meaning to say, your DA ranking will increase as more people trust your website as a reliable source.

Although you’ll probably need to make some adjustments along the road and keep a close eye on your domain authority score, the work will be well worth it once you keep people returning to your website.

Inspect your links to improve your DA ranking

There are numerous methods that business owners can employ to encourage other websites to link to their WordPress website.

However, you must be cautious about how you obtain them because your DA ranking may suffer if Google thinks that your method qualifies as a “scheme.” Some of the typical tactics that cause your website to get punished include:

  • You will reciprocate the favour if you engage in too many link exchanges where you ask website owners to link to your website
  • Swapping postings with links for one another, sending a free item in return for a link, paying for links, etc
  • Using automated tools to build links to your website
  • Links in widgets that are unmarked or of poor quality
  • Links that are used to post on forums and are incorporated in signature blocks

If you’ve tried any of these methods to raise your DA ranking, you might be doing more damage than good.

You can identify the harmful links and eliminate them by doing routine link audits. To help you narrow them down and create a clean website, there are tools for link audits online that you can utilise.

Tips to Increase domain authority

How do you genuinely and naturally increase your domain authority score? It’s crucial to realise that developing your DA ranking won’t produce immediate effects.

Although it is a lengthy process, you must still be active while you wait for your ranking to rise. You can do the following things to raise your DA ranking:

  1. Producing top-notch content – Since your DA rating is based on the number of links from other websites pointing to your website, you must provide top-notch material that others will want to link to. This might be blogs with relevant information, infographics, videos, or any other kinds of content that is helpful to users.
  2. Backlinking – Although external links are frequently discussed, you should also make sure your website contains backlinks. By creating internal links, you can both make your website easier for search engines to index and give readers a method to access the content they require without leaving your site.
  3. Improving SEO – Carefully examining every piece of content on your website to make sure that all header tags, meta descriptions, alt tags, and the general site layout are user-friendly. Improving SEO will help your overall score because it is crucial to DA rankings.
  4. Increasing social media presence – Social media sites can increase traffic to your website and your DA rating. Share your work across platforms so that it can be read, shared, and clicked on by more people, increasing your score.

The verdict

The multitude of factors that make up a domain authority score can be confusing. With a WordPress website, you occasionally need to step back and assess the overall site performance. Here’s where Shinjiru comes into play. By providing a hosting solution that meets your requirements, we can ensure that your website operates without interruption at all times. If you want to completely revamp your website, get in touch with us to find out how we can assist.

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