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Top 5 Best Domains for Your Business

July 14, 2017 in Shinjiru All, Shinjiru Tip Sharing by Shinjiru

Top 5 Best Domains for Your Business

How to Choose the Best Domain in 2017?
Starting a business online can be complex, but once you get your business idea don’t waste any time – get a domain ASAP! There is nothing more important when you are starting a website than choosing the right domain. Domain name is your website’s identity and a good domain name can make or break a business. With this list we simply want you to have a bit fun while choosing that perfect domain extension for business!

#1 .COM.MY
This extension is a natural choice when it comes to Malaysian domains. It is one of the most registered extensions in Malaysia and it is perfect for business related websites. This type of extension is the most trusted by consumers. It can definitely boost your business reputation. However, if you do not have a registered local business, you will not be able to complete .COM.MY domain registration.

#2 .MY
Another obvious choice for Malaysians. A prominent advantage of .MY compared to the previous entry is that you don’t need to provide any supporting documentation except your IC number. Exceptional for SEO (Search Engine Optimization). Allows for shorter and more memorable domain name, so people will have more chances to remember and find your website faster. However, it can be a bit pricey compared to other entries on this list.

#3 .XYZ
One of the fastest growing extensions in the world. Extremely fitting for businesses that target the younger generation. Many call it the new .COM and they are not wrong. All those coveted domain names that are already taken in .COM are still very much available for registration in .XYZ. It is one of the most eye-catching and memorable entries on this list. Plus, it’s the most affordable! (RM3 ONLY*).

Okay, we are cheating a little bit here by putting several domains in one spot. However, any domain registrar will put these extensions in one line, as they are very similar in terms of their impact on business. As all generic TLDs (Top Level Domains) these are good for SEO and have a relatively low price. .NET is particularly good for the websites related to internet and high-tech. .ORG is suitable for any type of organization. .BIZ is a good choice if you want to be associated with BIZness.

#5 .COM
You may think that we are crazy to include .COM in the list of domains to choose from when .COM is taken, but hear us out! If you are completely sure that .COM domain will have the best impact on your business, but your first choice is not available – there is still something you can do. Try using any domain name generator by including the keywords that are related to your business. You will find another option that has not been registered yet. So don’t give up!

BONUS TIP: In order to cement your place in the SEO and the minds of your customers, try registering the same domain name with multiple extensions (e.i. secure .COM.MY and .MY) – this way you can be sure the customers will still go to your website even if they forgot the exact extension of your domain. This will avoid brand confusion in the future.

According to global domain statistics, Malaysians have registered over 400,000 domains in 2017 and there is still almost half a year left.

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