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Top 5 Hacks of Email Marketing

July 7, 2017 in Shinjiru Tip Sharing by Shinjiru

Top 5 Hacks of Email Marketing

Top 5 Hacks of Email Marketing you need in 2017
Perception of Email Marketing

That’s true, many business owners and marketers forget about email blasting as a potential marketing effort and are not utilizing this secret weapon to be in contact with their customers. Email marketing functions and outcomes are so dynamic. Let’s start with a few benefits of email marketing

Top 10 Benefits of Email Marketing for Business:

  1. Raises awareness
  2. Increases brand loyalty
  3. Establishes relationship with customer
  4. Offers immediate call-to-action
  5. Fast & precise communication
  6. Cost effective marketing medium
  7. Emails are easy to create
  8. Allows for global communication
  9. Tracking email performance is easy
  10. Aids in launching new products

Top 5 Hacks of Email Marketing you need in 2017
1. Automation
Nurtured leads make 47% larger purchases than non- nurtured leads. Marketing automation that nurtures prospects can result in a 451% increase in qualified leads, compared to manual nurturing. (Lead nurturing – is a tactic of building relationship with prospective buyers.) With automation, you save: 15% of creative production expenses (video, images and other content) and 5% on actual marketing execution budget. Which means you will save money on creating and executing your markeing campaigns.

2. Offer Value First
Sometimes email marketing can be perceived as overly promotional. It’s because email marketers tend to ask too much from their recipients up front. Before asking to purchase from you, or sign up for a service, offer them something of value first. Refer them to any type of lead magnet that suites your business (free tutorial, free PDF, etc.). Every interaction you have with your subscribers should provide some value. If you are offering value they’ll do the same in return.

3. Holidays
Your subscribers are already on the lookout for deals leading up to the major holidays, so try to stand out from your competitors and get creative with your offers. Just be careful not to overwhelm your subscribers with too much email communication in these busy times. The holidays are a great time to flex your email marketing muscle.

4. Re-Engagement
Re-engagement campaign is a tool to keep your email list clean of inactive email addresses. But how do you know when to remove subscribers? Removal rates can vary based on your industry, but a standard best practice is to first segment out your recipients who have had consistently low engagement rates and then send them a “win-back” email asking them if they’re still interested in receiving your email. (Some vendors will include a special offer or discount in this campaign.) If your recipient does not re-opt-in, it’s time to remove them from your list.

5. Use Social Proof & Facts
Social proof is the concept that people will follow the actions of others under the assumption that those actions are reflective of the correct behavior. There are several ways email marketers can apply this idea to their work. The first and easiest way to implement social proof is to tell your readers how many people subscribe to your email list.We at Shinjiru are using the ultimate SHINJIRU MAILBLAST Solution for sending bulk emails for marketing campaigns. You can also start implementing email marketing in your business strategy. MailBlast allows sending over 100,000 emails at once. This email solution is a perfect match if you are looking for

  • Easy to use graphic user interface.
  • Fast Email Engine for quick delivery.
  • Secured and protected contact lists.
  • ISO/IEC 2700 Certified.
  • User-friendly email-blast analytics and reporting.
  • Customizable web form.

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