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Update Your WordPress!

July 22, 2020 in Latest News by Diyana Rose

Shinjiru’s WordPress Hosting is optimised and developed to provide your website with super high security, incredible loading speed and complemented with an easy to use interface so you can easily manage your plugins and content.

However, it is important that you update WordPress regularly to ensure continuous efficiency, security and performance that you so desire. Below are several other reasons why you need to keep WordPress up-to-date.


WordPress developers constantly fix security breaches and vulnerabilities by releasing protections in newly updated versions of the system. So make sure your WordPress is updated to ensure your site is equipped with the most recent security features.

Don’t forget to update the plugins and themes. Besides the core installation, plugins and themes can also be exploited. So make sure to update those as well.

Bug fixes

Bugs are mistakes in a computer program or system that can cause errors, or make things crash. To make sure your website keeps running smoothly, it’s essential to implement these fixes.

Updates include coding changes, plugins or widgets – if you are using old versions, they simply might stop working. This can frustrate your clients, users and readers and potentially impact negatively on your web presence or business.

Stay New

WordPress is never finished and continuously being improved upon. Every major release contains new features and performance improvements.

By keeping your website updated regularly, you are benefitting from improvements and changes that will almost always make your life easier, keep your website looking and working at its best and help your readers, users or customers have a more user-friendly experience on your website.

How to keep your WordPress site updated?

Every time you log in to your WordPress dashboard, the number of available updates are highlighted in the menu to the left. Simply click “Updates” and install those that are available.

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