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Welcoming New Products in Shinjiru Lineup

March 7, 2016 in Press Releases by Shinjiru

2016 was a blooming year for Shinjiru. Company has added some new exciting products to their line up as a response to the growing needs of the Malaysian market. Anticipating the need is one of their strategies for staying ahead of the game.

WordPress Hosting

In October 2016, following the growing popularity of WordPress (website-building software) all over the world, they have created a peace of mind type of product – that covers not only WordPress and hosting concerns, but provides all the security and backup solutions you can think of.

“We are trying to provide the most secure and stable service to our customers that rely on their websites.”, says Adam Lee (Product Manager at Shinjiru), “WordPress is often targeted, hackers are always on the lookout for WordPress-based websites, that’s why while developing this product we asked ourselves ‘what would make our users safe?”.

That idea started growing, new advanced features were added to the packages, including backup solution, CDN (Content Delivery Network), Anti-malware tool, SSL certificate, etc.

“The solution to all common customer fears was found”, continues Lee, “WordPress Hosting is a well-rounded product that can solve a lot of problems for a very low-cost price”.

Starting a website online is not complicated, starting a website with Shinjiru WordPress Hosting is easier than ever.

What’s Next?

Shinjiru continues to develop new solutions for Malaysians. Keeping customers’ best interests in mind, in 2017 they are planning to launch more multi-functional products at attractive rates.

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