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What Are SEO Services & 5 Tips To Improve Your Ranking

May 27, 2022 in Latest News, Shinjiru All, Shinjiru Tip Sharing by Mohd Naqiuddin
What are SEO Services and 5 Tips to Improve Rank

Many of us are wondering how websites appear in Google’s Top 10 search results, especially companies seeking quicker results to grow their company. For those who aren’t aware, the process of getting products/services related to your business in search engines is called SEO. SEO is defined as “Search Engine Optimisation,” It is responsible for all the activities and results revolving around search engine results. We will discuss further the list of SEO Services and 5 tips to improve your website rank.

SEO Services

SEO services are search engine optimisation activities that optimise your website’s SEO to improve/boost its organic search visibility and traffic. The services could be ongoing or one-time, depending on the circumstances. Most of the time, SEO plans will include on-page, off-page, and technical SEO. Some may focus on specific areas, such as off-page SEO. Nevertheless, all of these services can assist you in implementing and maintaining an SEO strategy and tracking and monitoring organic search performance. 

At Shinjiru, we cover three core areas: On-page SEO, which focuses on optimising your website, such as title tags ( Meta Title & Meta Description, Headers). The second is Off-page SEO, in which we concentrate on improving your website’s relevance, authority, and trustworthiness by getting other websites to link or promote your website. The third is Technical SEO which focuses on Image optimisation, bounce rate management, page speed, etc.

5 Tips to Improve Your Website’s Rank

While SEO services may look like they cover all areas, some services may be worth investing more in terms of money and time. We include them as tips here so that agencies or freelancers wouldn’t trick you into getting the wrong kind of services.

A. Keyword Research

Keyword research is an integral part of SEO, and it is worth your time to invest more in this SEO-related activity. Try to find keywords related to your business products/services and have a decent amount of search volume. For example, if your business is about “graphic design,” you shouldn’t be focussing on the general keywords as they may be highly competitive and challenging to get ranked on the first page of Google. Instead, try “graphic design Kuala Lumpur” or “graphic design cost,” as they may be less competitive and have a good search volume to get your business ranked faster.

In SEO terms, these keywords are referred to as “low-hanging fruits,” and they always have the same characteristics, which are:

  • Low-level competition
  • These keywords have commercial intent
  • Decent amount of search volume ( Usually hundred searches and above)

B. Get rid of basic on-page errors like broken links and duplicate content

There are a lot of digital marketing tools out there that allow you to inspect your on-page performances, and it is crucial to fix any existing mistakes. You may think that you have done everything right for your web page. However, there will always be something missing or errors in SEO terms.

The common mistakes are inappropriate meta title length, duplicate titles, and too long or short meta descriptions. Missing H1 headers are usually the main culprit, and businesses often overlook this core SEO element as they are not visible on the web page. We suggest you start with a free SEO inspection tool such as “SEO Meta in 1 Click,” as it is free and easy to set up since it is an extension used on a browser. Once added, you can quickly inspect the main elements such as Meta Title, Meta Description, and H1 Header.

C. Meta Title & Description

As mentioned in the previous tip, Meta titles and Meta Descriptions are two essential SEO elements, and businesses should be cautious of these. A lot of people don’t notice these elements, but they are visible on the Google search result page:

Meta Title and Meta Description

Keep in mind that there is a character limit for Meta Title and Meta Description. The maximum number of characters for meta title is 60, while meta description is 160. Therefore, it is crucial to write the best title, and description tags for your website as web crawlers will determine your website’s value and performance by indexing these elements. Write what is best for your business and make sure you have the right keywords that best represent your services/products.

D. Improve your page loading speed

Your web page loading time is essential as Google crawlers will determine your ranking based on its performance. If your website is slow, visitors wouldn’t probably visit or stay or browse your web pages since it is not user-friendly. Thus, Google will identify this as poor performance, impacting your ranking results. So don’t be surprised if your website doesn’t appear on the first page despite how beautiful and informative your website is, as loading time is also essential.

According to research, 40% of visitors will leave or abandon websites if the page consumes more than 3 seconds to load. Longer loading time means lower website traffic, which kills your SEO ranking. To prevent that, check your site speed regularly, and there are so many free browser tools available such as “Google PageSpeed Insights” and many more.

E. Share on social media

Yes, many businesses are already doing this, but we need to remind you again how important social media is to SEO ranking. For example, if you write a blog for your business, it is essential to share it on your social media page, which will eventually increase your website’s organic search traffic. Social media users will likely check on their favourite brands/products/services on social media, and they will visit your website eventually. That would lead to a high amount of web traffic which Google will identify as good website performance. So make sure that you are active on your social media channels by sharing articles, blogs, or any updates to improve your website rankings.

Apart from being a one-stop centre for all hosting and IT solutions, Shinjiru also offers SEO Malaysia services that can assist your business with any SEO-related needs. Contact us today or visit our page for more information.

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