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Which Hosting Is For You: Linux or Windows?

October 14, 2022 in Latest News, Shinjiru All, Shinjiru Tip Sharing by Nadhira ZA
Linux VS Windows Dedicated Server. Which One is For You?

Linux and Windows have always been the options for corporate executives to run their servers. Most web hosting in Malaysia will suggest you start a Linux server, but what about Windows?

This week we’re going to learn which one of these Linux or Windows dedicated servers can benefit you more.

Budget and Licence

Linux is an open-source operating system and it is free, whereas Microsoft sells Windows as a for-profit product. As a result, hosting providers who use Windows servers must purchase a licence. Following that, the hosting business will charge you for the expense, making Windows hosting a little more expensive than Linux, which only requires you to spend on the hardware and services.

For people who are not familiar with hosting, running a server cannot be done using the free version of Windows 10; a Windows Server Datacenter licence is required.


If we talk about popularity, well… Unix wins. According to studies reported by W3Techs, over 80.4% of all websites on the internet as of October 2022 utilise a Unix hosting system. 37.33% of all Unix-using websites use Linux, an open-source variant of the system. One of the major Linux distributions powers 33.8% of all websites, while Raspbian, Mandriva, Mageia, and Trisquel together barely power 0.1% of all websites.

Despite all that, Windows is recorded being used by higher traffic sites compared to Linux.

But, why does Linux have the most users? This is due to the fact that Linux hosting doesn’t require you to be a programmer. Simple steps include coming up with a name, using WordPress to build a website, and publishing it. Naturally, a lot of people have done this, leading to a big number of Linux-hosted websites.


We’ve reached the key distinction between Linux hosting and Windows hosting. While Windows requires specialised Microsoft software to run and manage data, Linux employs custom software and supports the majority of computer languages.

Windows servers use MSSQL, whereas Linux runs on MySQL. Microsoft ASP.NET is the primary programming language used by Windows hosting. These are not particularly common technologies, thus the majority of beginning programmers would need to devote a lot of effort to learning how to use them.

Large organisations typically utilise Windows Server Datacenter with MSSQL to create their own unique servers. A Windows hosting may be a smart idea if you’re searching for work in one of those fields or believe your future projects will involve managing legacy projects from large organisations. Additionally, Windows is the method to go if you need MSSQL or ASP.NET for your future job or to run programmes on the website.

Linux should be able to meet your demands in every situation. The most common data management system is MySQL, and there is plenty of supporting software available. It is usable by developers of all backgrounds because it supports PHP, Perl, and Python.

Having said that, you must be familiar with Apache or NGINX if you intend to configure a Linux server on your own. Linux is one of the simplest operating systems to use if you’re a regular user and don’t need to configure the hosting yourself. All you have to do is learn how to use CPanel, which is generally intuitive. 

So.. Linux or Windows?

We understand that it can be hard to choose between these two but here’s what you can consider;

You should probably choose Linux if you’re not a developer. Most requirements that owners of blogs, wikis, or e-commerce websites might have are covered by the CPanel. Aside from that, you can use easy-to-use customization tools. In addition, hiring a contractor will be less expensive than using a Windows server should you ever need to recruit outside assistance.

It’s not the case if you are a developer. Since Windows is what many organisations use for internal servers and you are undoubtedly accustomed to it, using Windows makes more sense for developers with a corporate background. Running a server on MSSQL would be excellent practice for anyone looking to work for a company and would look good on a resume. The same is true for developers who are already acquainted with the ASP.NET stack or who wish to learn more about it in order to advance their careers.

Where to get one?

If you’re seeking a web solution provider that offers Linux or Windows dedicated server Malaysia, Shinjiru has your back! We have an E3 bundle where you will be given Quad Core Xeon E3 CPU, two dedicated IPs and two 2TB HDDs.

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