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Why is VPS Hosting a Good Option for Businesses in Malaysia?

March 3, 2021 in Latest News, Promotions by Diyana Rose

VPS Malaysia

What is VPS?

A Virtual Private Server (VPS) is a small piece of virtual server that is sliced from a single physical server. Each of the virtual server has its own copy of an operating system (OS) and customers have full root or administrator access to the OS. They can install almost any software that runs on that OS. Compared to shared hosting, it is more customised, private, secure and stable.

Although VPS offers flexibility and functionalities similar to a dedicated server, it will not cause you to break the bank. You just have to top up a few more bucks compared to shared hosting to enjoy the benefits of VPS.

The biggest plus of a VPS hosting is that customers have complete access and control over it. It’s like owning your own house and you have the power to do whatever you want without scratching your head.

When is upgrading to VPS a good option?

Now that you have a gist of what VPS is, it’s time to decide if you should start considering it. Here are some of the reasons you should upgrade to VPS.

  • When you start to outgrow shared hosting – if your website traffic starts to reach more than a thousand visitors and is facing latency, it probably means that your website is starting to need a large amount of RAM. If that’s the case, VPS will be good for you.
  • When you want a more customised website/ flexibility in server settings – Some applications or websites require customised features to be enabled on the server. In that case, VPS is a great solution to isolate and personalise the server based on your website needs. You could also upgrade to VPS if you are looking to design your email solution based on your organisation requirement.
  • When you want a more private and secure platform – compared to shared hosting, VPS is a private server because it separates your files from other users. Your data is safely stored and you’ll never have to share that space with anyone.

Why choose Shinjiru VPS Malaysia hosting?

Shinjiru provides a variety of VPS hosting options such as Forex VPS, VPS KVM Malaysia, Linux OpenVZ and Windows KVM. The shared benefits of these VPS are:

  • 247 Support – We provide 24/7 assistance from our technical support team. You can use Telegram to chat with us, submit tickets anytime or subscribe to our GOLD VIP Managed services for support.
  • 99% Uptime – Our Superfast SSD VPS web hosting has a 99.99% uptime guarantee. We only allow 1.01-minute downtime per week, which is less than 1 hour in a year.
  • Premium Network – You can enjoy premium network connectivity and unmetered bandwidth with a 10Gbps MYIX connection.
  • Super-Fast SSD Drive – Speed up your web hosting load time and performance 10X faster with a real enterprise-grade SSD drive. SSD will boost the access speed to your database for quicker response time and immediate website loading.

Still confused? Don’t worry, we got you. Do not hesitate to seek advice from us by contacting our sales team. Shinjiru guarantees our customers the best experience when using our Virtual Private Servers.

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