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Wix vs WordPress: How Are They Different?

April 6, 2023 in Latest News, Shinjiru All, Shinjiru Tip Sharing by Nadhira ZA

A website is an essential tool for businesses in today’s digital age for many reasons. A well-designed website gives potential clients and business partners the impression that your operation is established, trustworthy, and professional. With a website, customers and clients may access information about your company whenever they want, from any location, without having to physically visit your office.

Having a website distinguishes your company from others who don’t and might provide you an edge in your market. In building a website, designers often dither on choosing the best website tool. The most famous ones are called Wix and WordPress. Now, how do you decide which one to choose?

In today’s blog, we’ll contrast Wix with WordPress and highlight their advantages and disadvantages. With the help of this Wix review and comparison, we hope you can choose the platform that best suits your requirements.

We divided this comparison into the following 4 categories:

  • Cost
  • Ease of use
  • Options for design
  • Recap: Wix vs WordPress – The Best Website Tool

#1 Cost

When selecting your site builder platform, the price of website development is a crucial consideration. Your needs will determine exactly how much it will cost to build and maintain your website. Our intention is to enable you to fulfil your needs while staying within your means.

A simple website builder is available on Wix for free. However, there are two significant drawbacks to it. 

Firstly, on the top and bottom of your website, it puts Wix-branded adverts. Secondly, as you are not permitted to choose a custom domain name for your website, it will have the following URL:

In addition, the basic account doesn’t include features like Google Analytics, Favicons, eCommerce, etc. You must upgrade to one of their premium plans to get rid of adverts and access more features in their app store.

There are various storage and bandwidth restrictions for each Wix premium subscription. You have two payment options: monthly or yearly.

While for WordPress, it is an open source software, free of charge, and is available for everyone.

Different companies offer hosting, themes, and plugins, and the price varies according to the provider and plan chosen. However, SSL certificates and domain names must be purchased individually, and this is counted as an additional cost.

If you choose to use premium WordPress themes or plugins, the cost of your WordPress site will rise. To cut costs, you can choose one of the many thousands of accessible free WordPress themes and plugins. Without increasing your hosting package, you can use a plugin to add any functionality to your WordPress website.

In conclusion, both Wix and WordPress have costs, but their cost structures differ. While WordPress demands that the user buy each component separately, potentially increasing the overall cost, Wix offers a more transparent pricing structure with all functionality included.

#2 Ease of use

Since they don’t want to employ a website designer, most beginners opt for Wix or WordPress. Without knowing how to code, you may make websites using Wix and WordPress.

Let’s see which one is simpler to use for beginners without any coding background:

Wix provides powerful and user-friendly tools for creating your own websites. It provides a straightforward drag-and-drop interface that allows you to choose any element on your website and begin altering it in a WYSIWYG interface.

In a user-friendly setting, you may write material, upload media, rearrange elements on your pages, and drag and drop objects wherever on your website. Since it spares them from having to deal with code, many beginners would consider this feature to be a blessing.

Meanwhile, you can change your pages with a live preview using the highly sophisticated WordPress block editor that is included with the software.

By adding blocks, you may do this to create visually attractive layouts. Every common element, including text, headings, buttons, background pictures, galleries, and more, has a corresponding block.

Thousands more themes are also available to you through WordPress for usage on your website. Using the live theme customiser, each of them may also be fully customised.

In summary, WordPress is a better option for individuals with technical experience who want more customization possibilities and a wider range of features and capabilities, while Wix is a better option for those with minimal technical understanding who want an easy-to-use platform with a simple, drag-and-drop interface.

#3 Options for design

The look and feel of your website are essential to its success. Every website owner needs a web design that not only looks excellent, but also is easy to use and distinguishes their brand.

There are more than 900+ pre-made templates available with Wix. Every Wix design is HTML5-based and totally responsive. You can further modify your site’s appearance, alter the layout, and rearrange the elements using the built-in tools.

The inability to change a template after selection is a major drawback. It can be altered and customised to your heart’s content using only the tools already there, but you are unable to switch to another template.

In the meantime, for WordPress, thousands of premium and free themes are available. Free themes have restricted support but are subject to a strict evaluation procedure. Themes that cost money typically have more functionality and access to premium support.

WordPress themes are available for everything from simple personal websites to robust online stores. The majority of themes include the ability to customise them on their own. You can also further style or modify your WordPress themes using one of the many styling plugins.

The database offers free theme downloads for users. There are many WordPress themes and theme shops, like Astra, StudioPress, Themify, CSSIgniter, and others, that offer commercial themes.

What’s more, you can switch to a different theme whenever you like and modify your WordPress theme. As a result, your website’s design can change and grow along with your company.

In short, both Wix and WordPress offer options for design, with Wix providing a simpler and more intuitive platform for those with limited technical knowledge, and WordPress providing more customization options and greater flexibility for those with technical expertise.

Recap: Wix vs WordPress – The Best Website Tool

Wix and WordPress each have their own advantages and disadvantages, so which one you choose will depend on your particular requirements and preferences.

Wix is a good option for people looking for an intuitive platform with a straightforward drag-and-drop user interface and a large selection of pre-designed templates and themes. For those looking for a platform with a simple cost structure that covers all features and capabilities, Wix is also an excellent option.

For individuals who desire a platform with a bigger selection of features and capabilities as well as more customization choices, WordPress is an excellent option. For individuals with technical know-how looking for a platform that gives them more flexibility and control over their website, WordPress is also a feasible alternative.

In conclusion, both Wix and WordPress offer advantages and disadvantages, and the ideal option for you will depend on your special needs and tastes. Prior to choosing a choice, it’s crucial to take into account your technological know-how, financial constraints, and website ambitions.

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