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Mrchewitsoftware is a one-man army online startup that provides privacy-based security solutions to give businesses or users the privacy or confidentiality that they need. Mrchewitsoftware offers PriSecFileStorage and PriSecDatabase security solutions for businesses or users with a mutual characteristic of the service provider can't access the data stored/uploaded.

PriSecFileStorage is an online file storage system that involves no user secrets such as passwords on the service provider side regardless of its login or performing encryption/decryption. Every encryption or decryption or private information-related action is done on the client's device to sign up for the service. PriSecDatabase Hosting is an online database hosting system that uses MySQL with a custom mechanism that allows only the client to decrypt the stored data but not the service provider.

PriSecFileStorage and PriSecDatabase Hosting use new and unfamiliar technology which company might not know yet. Hence, it's better to receive training as it's really easy to mess things up on the client side. Clients are advised to choose between privacy and security. There's a reason why this split exists. Clients can't have both privacy and security at the same time. If there's a need to describe it in detail, kindly chat with the provider through signal or email.

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