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September 10, 2020 in Latest News, Website Builder by Diyana Rose

Web design is one of the most important factors to determine the success of a website. More than half of website visitors agree that the look and feel of a site is their main influence for judging a company’s credibility. A great design also impacts conversions, improve bounce rate and more.

If this is what you want (obviously), you have to learn the fundamentals. Even if you’re hiring a professional to design your page for you, you still need some basic information to communicate your needs to the designer.

Here are some pointers to help improve your web design and get more value from every single visitor.

  1. Declutter your site for faster page loading
  2. Optimise typography to build your brand
  3. Optimise your site to improve conversions
  4. Guide user’s eyes with visual hierarchy
  5. Simplify where you can
  6. Avoid using carousels, sliders, tabs and accordions
  7. Prioritise scrolling over clicks
  8. Use images of people (but not from stock)
  9. Prioritise mobile responsiveness
  10. Communicate what you want to the web designer

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