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Shinjiru/DG Covid-19 Online Rescue Grant

April 2, 2020 in Latest News, Press Releases by Diyana Rose

Shinjiru strives to support Malaysian businesses during the Covid-19 pandemic by aiding their online start and presence. This is a vital time to connect with clients online to continue building opportunities and keep businesses up and running with minimum interruption. With the spreading contagion, offline businesses are struggling to make ends meet. We, at Shinjiru, are here to make sure this issue is tackled with the utmost support from our network infrastructure and team.

Covid-19 has been an eye opener for all businesses. With the restriction in movement and limited contact, businesses are noticing the importance of being online present. Be it operating an online e-commerce store or having a state-of-readiness online video conference meetings to manage operations, these business tools have become a necessity. It is no longer a waiting game, rather a take action moment.

Shinjiru has collaborated with Dita Group Foundation (DG) to curate the Shinjiru/DG Covid-19 Online Rescue Grant. This grant offers all businesses up to 50% of cost, sponsored by DG, to aid in securing your online business. Shinjiru has prepared an online bundle/package, intended as a mean of election for business owners preference and selection.

We, at Shinjiru, hope that all businesses in Malaysia take the opportunity to grab this offer now by signing up and enjoying the perks that come with it. We urge all business owners to take the necessary means in understanding the importance of being online. It is our duty to offer a lending hand to our people. Shinjiru is delighted to present this golden opportunity in hopes that it will help its community thrive back stronger. Stay in Business, Go Online.

For more information, refer to Shinjiru’s Website Builder page and launch your digital transformation today.

*Offer ends 14 April 2020.

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