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Top 6 Tips to Welcome the Holidays

December 10, 2020 in Latest News, Shinjiru Tip Sharing, Website Builder by Diyana Rose

Jingle Bells, Jingle Sells! The holiday magic is upon us and this shopping season is the biggest moneymaking time of the year for e-commerce merchants.

Online shoppers are already hunting for year-end bargains and all online businesses want a piece of the action. By the way, there’s still time for an online campaign launch that suits perfectly with your holiday campaign goals.

Shinjiru has everything you need to rock your online store’s digital holiday campaign. But first you need to come up with a plan.

Here are Top 6 Tips to Welcome and Rock the Holidays.

1. Create a Cool Concept
Your online campaign activities should all fit one overarching well-devised concept. The main concept you come up with needs to find an interesting connection between your brand and the general ideas of the holidays, that is peace, giving, forgiving and renewal.

2. Prepare the Perfect Plan
Once the overarching concept is decided on, it is time to make things more precise and write up an action plan. Clearly define the measurable outputs and outcomes in line with the big objective and decide on activities to help you reach the goal.

3. Charm Your Customers
The way to share the holiday magic is to invite your new and current customers to make magic themselves. It is quite popular for companies to organise contests where people can demonstrate their creativity and win a prize or two. Your official business social media accounts are the best platforms to execute this.

4. Delight with Deals & Discounts
Holiday season is the perfect time for giving. Any rewards, special memberships, discounts and deals tend to be a big success. One popular option is to organise a daily surprise campaign for your users within 12-15 days leading up to Christmas or New Year: Everyone loves a countdown!

5. Make Multimedia Magic
The current technology provides vast opportunities so make good use of them to associate your brand with the joy and happiness that holidays bring. There is a distinct lack of campaigns that invite original user content, so even a simple Instagram post about finding family outside of family or lesser known holiday traditions from around the world can work wonders.

6. Flaunt the Festivity
Here is where we come in. Users really appreciate a landing page that conveys the sense of holiday celebration. You can either build your own landing page using Shinjiru’s website builder or Shinjiru’s web design team can help create a unique well-designed holiday-themed landing page exclusively for you!

Now that we’ve gotten you into the holiday spirit, you can start creating your very own holiday magic. Simply click HERE to begin your magical journey with Shinjiru!

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