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Why You Should Support Local Businesses in Malaysia

November 18, 2021 in Latest News, Shinjiru Tip Sharing by Gabriella Gadung

When you buy from a local business, you do more than simply help them out. You contribute to reducing our carbon footprint, supporting the economy in our area and more. In this blog, we will provide 4 reasons why you should support local businesses. 

Boost your country’s economy

When small businesses are successful, the community and the local economy will gain benefits. Spending money on local business can generate multiple returns to the local economy. Locally owned businesses, as opposed to chain stores, recycle a far higher percentage of their sales back into the local economy, benefiting the entire community. 

The money spent on local businesses will be reinvested in the community where you live and work, supporting important initiatives for the community and country. Local businesses frequently contribute to the community in different ways, such as donating, purchasing, or financially supporting other non-profit organisations. 

Having the knowledge that your taxes are being reinvested in the community and the city will give you peace of mind when you’re purchasing something. 

Reduce your tax burden

Nobody likes it when they have to pay higher taxes. Therefore, the best way to reduce your tax burden is to support local companies. Local enterprises make efficient use of resources as it is located in central places, reducing the demand for roads, sewers, and safety services. Furthermore, non-local enterprises typically generate higher taxes. 

Increase the number of job opportunity

When you shop locally, you not only help to strengthen your local economy, but you also help to create more jobs. These new positions could go to your friends, family, or neighbours, especially those who would face far greater competition in a large market. 

When the number of jobs increases, it will help the countries economy significantly. Based on an article, creating jobs helps the economy by increasing gross domestic product (GDP). An employed person will have the means to spend on food, clothing, entertainment, and a variety of other things in society.

Reduce the negative impact on the environment

Locally held enterprises are more likely to buy their products locally, reducing the need for transportation and outsourcing. They usually take up less area, are closer to homes, and produce less traffic and pollution. All of this results in less traffic, less habitat destruction, and a lower environmental effect. While this may not have an immediate impact on you, it will undoubtedly influence your children and grandkids in the future.

How to start supporting local businesses

You can support local companies in many ways. If you need to buy anything, try to opt for local stores first. For example, you can prioritise local restaurants and coffee shops when dining out and, you can shop most of your goods from local suppliers to contribute to the local economy. As more local companies thrive, more new ones will spring up, making it even easier to shop locally in the future.

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